The problem with multiplayer games is that they all involve fighting. For some reason, game developers can’t seem to imagine why players might want to meet up in a virtual world unless it’s to zap each other’s legs off. 

Mini Life, on the other hand, just lets you chill and hang out. This gorgeous game, which was created by studio collective Krafton Game Union, is the antidote to the stressful perpetual online slaughter of titles like Lords Mobile.

All it asks you to do is feather your metaphorical nest and socialize with other players. There’s a huge number of available personal customizations – more than 20 billion, in fact – and over 3000 different fashion items in the game, so you’ll pretty much never run into your in-game twin. Your avatar is unique. 

And Mini Life gives you a sweet pad, too. You’ve got a mansion to decorate and a garden to landscape – just one more reason why virtual life is better than real life. 

Meet the neighbours

There’s more to Mini Life than making yourself and your home look awesome, of course. The game is part MMO, part SNG. In fact, new acronym: it’s an MMOSNG (massively multiplayer online social networking game). It’s all about socializing. 

You can chat to other players from around the world through real time chat and various other channels, and the more you shoot the breeze the more your social experience is upgraded.

On top of all the chatting and decorating there’s also a Night Market to visit, featuring a rich trading system through which you can haggle and barter with your fellow players. It’s a nice structured bit of interaction to complement the loose, casual interaction you get in the rest of the game. 

The fact that there’s a Night Market clearly means there’s a day/night cycle, a bit like the one in Animal Crossing. Except in this game the other characters are real people. And who doesn’t like those guys?

Mini Life just keeps on giving – there’s also a neat AR feature that lets you take a picture with your avatar in it, to bring a bit of your virtual life into your real one.

Download Mini Life for free on Google Play and the App Store.