Fortnite may grab the lion’s share of the headlines, but everybody knows that PUBG is the original – and best – battle royale game on the market.

It’s been well over a year since PUBG Corporation and Tencent launched PUBG MOBILE, the game’s much-lauded smartphone spinoff, and it has just hit a couple of hugely impressive milestones. 

At the time of writing, PUBG MOBILE has been downloaded 400 million times, with 50 million daily active users playing it every single day. 

In case you’re still a newbie, here’s a little background. PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, originated as a fan mod for ARMA 2, PlayerUnknown being the online handle of developer Brendan Greene.

Inspired by the cult Japanese film Battle Royale, it sees up to 100 players battling to the death on an 8x8km island, with the last surviving player taking the ultimate prize (i.e., not being dead). 

Each round begins with all 100 players parachuting onto the island from an airplane, and over time the playable area on the island shrinks, forcing the surviving combatants into close quarters. 

A slick conversion

PUBG is a PC game, and there were doubts as to whether it would be possible to recreate the fast-paced action on a touchscreen. PUBG Corporation and Tencent answered those doubts comprehensively, creating a fluid hardcore gaming experience that doesn’t sacrifice any of the features that made the original a hit.

The islands are there in all their intricate detail, complete with slopes, trees, buildings, stones, open areas, and so on, meaning all of the combat tactics that apply to the PC version apply here too.

Advanced features like bullet trajectory straining, sideways shooting, and bullet flight time are all present and correct in the mobile version, along with some special new features like 4D touch and gyroscope controls for added accuracy. 

No wonder, then, that PUBG MOBILE has been garlanded with positive reviews and a coveted Mobile Game of the Year Golden Joystick Award, plus awards in several categories from Google Play.

Join the fun right now by downloading PUBG MOBILE for free on Google Play and the App Store