In our BitLife Version 1.23 Guide, we detail all of the changes included in our favourite text-based life simulator’s latest update. This update is all themed around school life, which is apt timing given that many of us have actually just returned to one of the world’s worst institutions.

You can now interact with your classmates and teachers, participate in extra curricular activities like joining a sport team or a band, join a clique, getting involved in frats and sororities, and go to grade school.

As you can probably tell at this point, the update includes a whole lot of new content to dig into. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve rounded up all of the changes below and went into detail to help you make sense of them.

BitLife Version 1.23 Guide – School Life:

New Interactions – Classmates and Teachers:

Now, provided you’re studying at school, you’ll encounter a bunch of new means of interacting with your classmates and teachers in BitLife. That should help breathe new life into the school system.

Judging from chatter on Twitter, these new interactions include fighting off bullying, having relationships or flings with your classmates or teachers, and receiving detention and other punishments for behaving badly. Just like in real life, then.

New Activities – Extracurricular Activities:

Extracurricular activities work the same in BitLife as they do in real life. If you have passions and want to develop your abilities, you can participate in sports, join a band, and many more.

New Relationships – School Cliques:

You can join a clique if you share a particular passion with your fellow students. These include all of the cliches from sports types to nerds and band geeks. That should help you make friends with like-minded folk during one of the most difficult periods of your BitLife.

However, you can’t just join a clique without some effort. According to Twitter, you’re going to have to prove yourself to these people. That generally involves joining a club or activity related to the clique. For example, you may have to join the school football team or band, or even have a high looks score. It all depends on the clique.

New Relationships – Frats and Sororities:

Frats and sororities are similar to cliques in that they’re social groups for like-minded folks. They’re also difficult to join, as you’ll need to prove yourself to these people.

Again, that might involve joining a related group or participating in a particular activity, or it might involve increasing certain statistics including, and probably most importantly, your looks.

New Institutions – Grade School:

Grade schools and middle school now feature in BitLife, and are organised by tier per country. That should help make the school system more familiar to you no matter the country you live in.

Miscellaneous Changes and Fixes:

Here we’ll round up the remaining changes and features that were included in this update that aren’t quite big enough to get their own section.

  • School nurse: The school nurse will help fix you up when you experience an injury or illness while studying.
  • Intelligence test: The intelligent test was included as part of the previous big BitLife update, and developer Candy Writer has improved it based on your feedback.
  • Global leaderboards: Want to know who the top BitLife players are each day? Check out the global leaderboards then.
  • Tweaks and bug fixes: As you can expect, there are a bunch of tweaks and bug fixes as part of the update.