Ulala: Idle Adventure was a very welcome surprise this week, providing a unique spin on the idle RPG. You watch as your caveman or cavewoman warrior battles their way endlessly through a series of environments and enemies.

Along the way, you’ll pick up new gear, level up, hatch pets, cook food, and craft even better gear. There are so many ways to power up your character in Ulala that you won’t even really mind that you’re not battling the enemies yourself. There’s plenty to keep you busy.

To help ease you into the experience, we thought we’d put together a beginner’s guide. We’ll begin by walking you through how it all works before providing a bunch of specific tips and tricks to help you master it.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

The Basics

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a brand new idle RPG that provides a far more polished version of the genre than we’ve seen before. For a start, you can actually watch your character battling enemies throughout a variety of gorgeous environments.

Aside from that, and the general level of visual polish, you probably know what to expect from this. Your character will automatically beat up all foes on its path, earning experience, money, and gear along the way.

Gear and Equipment

As you collect new gear, you can visit your inventory to equip it. We recommend doing so each time you beat a boss, as chances are you’ve earned better equipment than the stuff you had already equipped.

You’ll also eventually unlock the ability to enhance each of your equipment slots to further boost your stats, and we recommend you head back to do this each time you level up. Your enhancement level can’t surpass your character level.


There’s also your attributes. These come in three different flavours and enhance your various statistics. You’ll gain five points each time you level up past a certain level, but a single statistic cannot surpass your current character level.


You can equip four different skills, depending on your level, and upgrade each skill slot to improve the ability of your skills. Skills come in a variety of different rarities, with Legendary being the highest. A Legendary skill is, naturally, more effective than the same skill of a lower rarity.

If you’d like to unlock more skills, you can visit the Skill Chest and purchase them for starfish or pearls.


Once you’ve unlocked the capture feature, you can get yourself a pet. These will fight alongside your hero and can deal significant damage. You can release unwanted pets to earn resources that you can spend on upgrading their abilities.


You can cook food to boost your statistics for an hour. It’s worth having at least one statistic boosted each hour, and that particular statistic will depend on the class you’ve chosen to play as. It also depends on the ingredients you have to hand, as you’ll need them to cook.


You can join a team with actual other players to progress through your adventure a lot faster. Simply tap on the team button and visit the Notice Board to find a team to join. You’ll want to try and find a team with three other players that are around the same level as you.

Once you’ve joined you’ll see your team’s avatars and pets will join you in battle. They’re a lot more effective than the heroes that join you at the start.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at a few more specific tips and tricks:

  • Join a team: Join a team as soon as you’re able, as that way you’ll progress a lot faster through the game. Preferably, you’ll want a team with three other members in it that are around the same level as you.
  • Enhance your gear: When you level up, you can enhance each of your gear slots to the same level as your character. This will boost the statistics this piece of gear provides considerably.
  • Keep hatching pets: Whenever you can, hatch pets. It’s very much worth doing as you might well get yourself something rarer and more powerful than you have already. If not, you can always release them for upgrade materials.
  • Cook and eat food: Eating meals provides you with a considerable boost in statistics for an hour. Keep this up as often as possible, as it will boost your performance.
  • Perform a quick battle daily: Each day, you can perform a quick battle that rewards you with a ton of experience and lets you automatically fight through 10 bosses. Do it every day.