Second Galaxy is a brand new intergalactic MMORPG that pops you in a spaceship and sends you on an adventure to obliterate a bunch of space pirates. It’s a deep experience, with tons of galaxies to explore, ships to unlock, and so many ship parts that even a Transformer would raise an eyebrow.

There’s loads going on in Second Galaxy, so we thought we’d put together a beginner’s guide to teach you the basics. We’ll walk you through exactly what to expect before looking at a bunch of specific tips and tricks to help you master it.

Second Galaxy Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Second Galaxy is, to say the least, a complex experience. That’s a pretty common theme with these space-faring ship battlers and Second Galaxy doesn’t disappoint. You’ll likely have no idea of where to start but, fortunately, the game actually does a decent job of explaining it all to you.

First things first, you’re going to have to create your own character. You’ll pick a faction, class, and avatar. We’re not entirely sure if the different factions provide anything but cosmetic differences but the classes tweak your statistics. It’s not a huge effect so we wouldn’t worry about which one you pick at this point – especially as you can just start over when you’ve selected.

We opted for the Soldier, as we wanted to get stuck into the space battles and it seemed like a decent starter class. If you generally know how you like to play these types of games though, pick the class that most appeals to you.

Once you’ve chosen, start the game and you’ll be taken through the pretty lengthy tutorial. It teaches you the basics of combat, the primary missions, ship customisation, side quests, character customisation, guilds, and more. Pay attention to these as it is a pretty complex experience and these tutorials are handy.

Generally though, we recommend following the main plot thread to gain a bunch of excellent resources and complete the side quests wherever possible for more. We’d also recommend tackling the ship licences whenever possible, as they’ll improve your ability with the various different ships in the game and unlock new slots to place more gear.

Whenever you level up, head on over to your character screen by tapping on the portrait at the top left of the screen. Here, apply any Attributes you’ve unlocked and upgrade any skills in the Academy that you can. Again, these will drastically improve your ship handling ability as the game progresses.

Second Galaxy Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at a few more specific tips and tricks to help you master the experience:

  • Focus on completing quests: Quests provide you with a ton of rewards for doing what we want to do anyway: play the game. The main plot quests are the most lucrative, but side quests are worth doing whenever they become available. Every little helps.
  • Spend attribute points and visit the academy whenever you level up: Each time you level up, visit your character portrait by pressing the main menu button then tapping on the portrait on the top left. Here, spend your Attribute points to improve the stats you want and then visit the Academy and purchase the necessary skill upgrades. Try not to just blindly upgrade everything though, as it’s expensive. Focus on the types of weapons you use the most.
  • Balance your processor and power requirements when equipping ship parts: Don’t just equip your most powerful ship parts, as chances are you’ll run out of power out in the field. It’s always best to leave power to spare so you can use your emergency equipment and keep your weapons firing.
  • Use the right ship for the situation: You’ll unlock more and more ships as you progress, and you can outfit each of them for battle. We recommend selecting the ship you want for the battle ahead. Going to tackle a bunch of fast-moving ships? Go with the defensive juggernaut. Going to have to explore a lot? Go with your fast ship.
  • Probes are expensive, so wait for them to recharge until you’re drowning in cash: Each 12 hours or so you can fire off a probe to look for side quests in your galaxy. These provide you with extra rewards and we thoroughly recommend doing them as often as possible, but we also don’t recommend purchasing extra probes as they’re extremely expensive. Save your cash for upgrades for now.