If you’re a fan of browser games – and why wouldn’t you be, given how convenient they are? – you’ve probably come across Game Hollywood before. This China-based publisher is one of the biggest and best around.

In recent months the company has been working closely with R2Games, a giant international browser gaming platform. Game Hollywood released eight games onto R2Games in August, with two of them – Dragon Awaken Deutsch and Omega Zodiac – immediately becoming the most popular titles on the platform.

And that means Game Hollywood is joining in with the R2Games Annual Sale, which takes place in September, offering huge discounts on its library of browser games. 

The R2Games Annual Sale will run from the 9th to the 13th of September, and all R2 games will be included. You’ll be able to pick up tons of packs to help you grow your characters and get ahead in your game of choice. 

The Third Age will see the biggest discounts, with the price of one pack slashed by an incredible 80%. Wartune will also have some dramatically discounted packages, but they’ll only be available from the 9th to the 13th of September so you’ll need to keep an eye on the sale (a limited amount are available each day). Check in on the official R2Games site and Facebook page to keep abreast of developments.

In other news, popular title Dragon Awaken is getting updated to version 2.5, adding a whole new battle mode. And two further games are headed to the platform in the coming months, both of them HTML5 SLGs. 

Legend of Warship is set during the Second World War, and sees players building an armada and setting off to explore wartorn countries.

Vampire Empire, meanwhile, transports players to the central European homeland of Count Dracula, where they’ll stand alongside the legendary bloodsuckers to fight off werewolves and other supernatural creatures in a bid to become the King of Vampires. 

Each of these SLGs is unique in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, and H5 browser game fans are bound to lap them up.

But that’s in the future. For now, there’s the sale. Go here to check it out.