Be honest: you love merch. We all do. When you’re into something, whether it’s a band, a movie, an athlete, or a video game, you want to surround yourself with physical artefacts so that you’re always being reminded of it.

And now, at long last, you can surround yourself with IGG merch thanks to the opened IGG store. 

If, like millions of other players, you’ve sunk countless hours into games like Lords Mobile and Castle Clash, you now have a way to take a little bit of those fun-packed virtual universes and plonk it on your desk or wear it on your body.

The IGG store, which you can find at, serves 33 locations around the world, and stocks a huge number of items across 33 categories. 

They include phone cases, popsockets, mouse mats, keyrings, caps, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and more. Plus, best of all for the hardcore IGG fans, the store sells several different collectible figurines from Lords Mobile and Castle Clash.

Go figure

On the store currently are Oath Keeper, Pumpkin Duke, Petite Devil, Rose Knight, and Thunder Gog figurines, among others, and they include highly collectible special limited edition models too.

These have been created by an independent IGG design team with strict quality control standards. That means they’ll look right at home on your shelf alongside your amiibo and other premium paraphernalia.

The purpose of IGG’s development of merch is not to expand the source of income, but to give back to the majority of players and to further extend the IP promotion and globalization of IGG games. In addition to the game shows, players can also participate in the game activities to get their favorite IGG merch too.

So if you’re an IGG fan, visit the store right now to see if anything tickles your fancy.