You know a game has made it to the big time when it starts to generate merch. Webzen’s epic mobile MMORPG MU Origin is a member of that exclusive club, and it’s just released a new figurine in conjunction with manufacturer Vertex. 

The new Fairy Elf sculpture was created by Ishiyama Yuki, who made his name with a series of stunning One Piece statues. The model stands at approximately 350mm, which is 1/7 scale. It’s made of ABS and PVC.

Before we say any more about the model, here’s a little primer on Fairy Elf and MU Origin for the unitiated. 

MU Origin is a huge MMORPG that started life way back in 2001, in the form of MU Online. The Origin spinoff for mobile hit the app stores a few years ago, attracting a huge player base and evolving through a number of versions. The sequel arrived earlier this year. 

The game sees you romping around in a fully 3D fantasy universe, killing various monsters, teaming up with fellow players, joining clans, creating parties, fighting one on one or as a group, levelling up, completing quests, and generally having a ruddy good time. 


There are various different fantasy species in the game, and among them are the Noria Elves. These beautiful creatures are naturally gifted with archery skills, and they can pack deadly magic in their arrows to boot. Best not to mess with them then.

Ishiyama Yuki has painstakingly recreated a Fairy Elf in every detail. The colorful wings, exquisite armor, and impressive action poses have all been brought to life using a technique called digital sculpting, while the 250mm wings are partly transparent, just like real fairy wings. The whole thing looks stunning. 

You can pre-order the Fairy Elf statue on AmiAmi, the biggest online Bishoujo retailer in Japan. It retails for ¥29,800 (not including tax), and shipping is available worldwide. 

You’ll be able to pre-order a Fairy Elf statue until November 6th right here, with the item shipping in April next year.