The long-awaited sci-fi epic Second Galaxy has just come out of beta, with an official launch date of September 10th. 

This huge space trading game is one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of 2019. That’s largely thanks to its uniquely hardcore flavour. While most games set in space are shooters or strategy titles, Second Galaxy is a fully fledged immersive space opera in the same vein as Frontier and Eve Online. It’s the first interstellar MMORPG on mobile.

No wonder, then, that the game has been recommended on both the App Store and Google Play, where it’s available for pre-order right now. Over 1 million eager players have placed their reservations so far.

If sheer buzz isn’t enough to whet your appetite, try taking a closer look at the game itself. The visuals are supremely polished, with hulking space ships weaving among lines of laser fire, tumbling space rocks, and giant explosions. The designs are imaginative, and the graphics are super slick.

It’s rare for developers to take on projects on the scale of Second Galaxy, for two reasons. Firstly, there’s the sheer technical challenge of running servers where large numbers of players can fight together online. And secondly, it’s very hard to weave a narrative through a virtually endless universe containing multiple galaxies and factions.


That makes Second Galaxy a kind of pioneer, and it sets a high bar for others to reach. The warship models are detailed, the warping animations are authentic, and the combat is always totally smooth – even when there are a thousand people on the same screen. And developer ZLONGAME is confident that the full release will achieve the same level of quality as the beta. 

Second Galaxy may be the first mobile game to approach the hardcore nature of Eve Online, but it’s streamlined and accessible too. Novice players will get tutorial missions to work through, which provide up to four hours of gameplay on their own. ZLONGAME tweaked the running times of the starter missions downwards based on the same data, increasing the pace of the game. 

Meanwhile piloting ships and engaging in dogfights is a breeze thanks to a handy array of simple and intuitive on-screen commands. 


The controls may be simple, but the content is anything but. Alongside a rich story involving huge rival factions that go back centuries, there are battleship systems, legion systems, and so on designed to keep even the most hardcore players engaged. You’ll be able to manage your own research, too, guiding the development of every element of your fleet. 

Second Galaxy is going to explode like a sci-fi supernova when it hits on September 10th. Start your adventure now by joining the official Facebook and Reddit pages.