In a recent patch, developer Candywriter introduced a brand new intelligence test mini-game to BitLife that provides your character with an IQ score.

It’s a lot of fun, providing an experience completely different to the wealth of other BitLife mini-games. In this guide, we’re going to detail how the new intelligence test mini-game works to help you get it right every single time.

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BitLife Intelligence Test Mini-Game Guide:

The intelligence test mini-game is very simple to learn and perform but challenging for those of you that aim to get the top score.

When you start up the mini-game, you’ll see four coloured lights on the screen: red, yellow, blue, and green. After initiating the test, these lights will light up in a set sequence. You have to then memorise and repeat this sequence.

The challenge stems from the potential length of the sequence. You may have to memorise an incredibly lengthy series of light changes and then repeat them right after. Any mistake you make harms your IQ Score at the end.

However, if you do manage to pull off the sequence exactly, you’ll get a nice perfect IQ Score at the end. That’s not so bad.