Zipline Valley is a physics-based puzzler that challenges you to create a zipline between two different houses that will provide safe passage for a bunch of civilians.

You tap and hold on a zipline to drag it around the screen, creating a safe path that avoids obstacles between the two houses. There’s added challenge in collecting coins littered around each level.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through this fun little puzzler, explaining the basics of how it works before moving onto some more specific tips and tricks.

Zipline Valley Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Zipline Valley challenges you to help a bunch of civilians safely navigate a zipline between houses. First you have to draw the zipline by tapping and dragging it with your finger to draw a line between the two houses.

It’s never as simple as just that though, as there are a bunch of obstacles you’ll also have to avoid along the way. This includes the likes of missiles and spinning blades, which will cut your hapless civilians to shreds if you’re not careful.

Complicating things further, you’ll often find a series of coins dotted around each level, which you can collect to spend on boosters. These will make your life a lot easier during the difficult later levels.

You’ll also occasionally have to pick up trapped civilians throughout the various levels. Random obstacles and objectives will crop up as you play, keeping you on your toes. Always expect a level of random.

Zipline Valley Tips and Tricks:

  • Plan your path: Take a glance at the level before you even begin to swipe that zipline. Plan out a route that avoids all of the obstacles and picks up all of the coins and civilians along the way.
  • Avoid obstacles: It should go without saying why avoiding obstacles is key, but incase you’re unsure the reason that they’re bad is that they will literally kill your poor civilians in gruesome ways. No one wants that.
  • Pick up coins and civilians: Collect coins and civilians as you pass because it’s the nice thing to do. You’ll also have more currency to use power-ups later.
  • Save power-ups for when you’re struggling: Speaking of them, you shouldn’t use power-ups whenever you feel like it. They’re really expensive, and saving up for even one takes time. We recommend using them only when you find a level you’re struggling with.
  • Once you tap, you can’t stop the civilians moving: As soon as you’ve finished your zipline, wait for an opportune moment to tap to send your civilians down the zipline. Once you’ve tapped, you can’t stop the civilians moving.