Mini Archer is a minimalistic archery game with two game modes. One is all about getting as large a score as possible without running out of arrows. The other is also a high score chaser, but you are against the clock.

Arrow Mode – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Take your time. There is no need to rush your shots here, you are not against the clock. In Arrow Mode, you only have 14 arrows to start with, so you need to make each shot count. Any misses here and you know you can beat that score.
  • Wait for moving targets. After you clear the first lot of stationary targets, the next group move up and down. It’s way harder to hit the target when it’s in the middle of its journey. Your best bet is to wait for it to get to the bottom or top of its path, this is where it is at its slowest.
  • Hit the Bullseye. In case you didn’t know, you want to try to hit the bullseye with every shot you take. Not only does it give you the largest score, but it also gives you another arrow for your troubles. Meaning you will have made 30 points and not lost a shot.
  • Never hit tens. Hitting a ten in Mini archer is almost as bad as missing. You need to value each arrow higher than 10 points otherwise, you will end up with a puny score. I know no one is deliberately aiming for ten points but think of it as a miss.

Time Mode – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Speed is everything. In this game mode, you have an unlimited amount of arrows. Meaning the only consequence you have for missing is lost time. Your best bet is to fire an arrow as quickly as possible to save time.
  • Change your playing angle. When you hold your phone normally, it is difficult to follow where the arrow will go. If you tilt your device slightly, you will have a better view and won’t have to guess where the arrow is landing.
  • There is no drop-off. Normally in archery based games, we need to account for external variables like wind or drop off. But in Mini Archer, the targets are so close to you that there is no time for the arrow to dip. Where you aim is exactly where the arrow goes!
  • Hit the Bullseye. Once again, hitting the bullseye isn’t just great for your score. Every successful hit gives you 2 seconds of your life back, allowing you to shoot more arrows at more targets.

If you want to grab a copy of Mini Archer, you can do so from the App Store.