Park Tiny Cars is a puzzle game where you have to ensure you park every car with no collisions. What makes life harder is the slow-moving trucks, patrolling police cars and speedy ambulances getting in your way.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Ignore the timer. Ok, don’t completely ignore the timer because if it runs out, then you fail. But most the time you can complete the level without even having to glance at the clock. It’s there purely to pressure you into a mistake.
  • Timing is everything. Pressing to release a car a second too early or late will cause a fatal collision. You need to watch your cars and determine if you were too early or too late.
  • Follow the dotted line. Often the lines of two or more vehicles will overlap, which means a collision if you send them out at the same time. Often, you won’t be able to release two of your cars at the same time.
  • Note the finishing line. Each car has its own unique parking space, let’s call it the finishing line. Some levels have finishing lines right next to each other, this means you will need to get the cars to their spaces in the correct order to pass the level.
  • Don’t worry about coins. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any use for gathering coins. There are no vehicles to buy, completing levels can earn all of them.
  • It’s a puzzle game. Some levels will leave you puzzled as to exactly when you should release your cars. A good rule of thumb is the longer the dotted line, the earlier the car needs to be released.
  • Remember what’s slow and fast. Police cars and trucks are slow-moving vehicles. This means if any of your cars are likely to catch up to these obstacles before they get to their destinations. Give slow vehicles that extra second or two to get out of the way before you release your cars.
  • Remember the finishing line. If one of your cars is starting on the finishing line of another, then move this car first. You won’t be able to pass the level until this car is out of the way.

If you want to play Park Tiny Cars, then you can download a copy from the App Store.