Wrecking Ball is a game where you destroy sculptures using your trusty old wrecking ball. Do you have what it takes to destroy every single sculpture in one hit?

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Hit the target. If you are a three-star aficionado like me, then you will want to hit perfects. At the start of every level, there is a target placed on each individual sculpture. Hitting this target will cause the entire sculpture to tumble in one hit, giving you glorious three stars you are after.
  • Time your shots. If you want to hit that target, you will need remarkable timing. Not just once both the selection process goes horizontally and vertically, so you will need two near-perfect shots to hit the target.
  • You’ve got a big wrecking ball. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the target by a few millimetres. You have a big wrecking ball that will smash that target to oblivion, even if you miss it.
  • Enjoy smashing. The aim of the game is to destroy the beautiful sculptures, so don’t worry if you can’t hit the target. Find solace in the destruction you can cause by landing a powerful hit.
  • Use the guidelines. Upon confirming your first shot, you can wait for the guideline to go past the target. This will ensure your first shot is in line with the target, making your next shot easier.
  • Get some skins. When you complete a level, they will award you a random amount of gems. You can use these gems to get a new skin for your wrecking ball. Keep collecting gems and unlock as many skins as you can, this will give you something to do besides smashing everything.
  • Stick at it. Normally if you get stuck on a level, I would say move on and come back later. But, the more you practice a level the better your timing for that one level becomes. So unless you’re having a hard time, then stick with it till you get it right.
  • You can get three-stars at any time. As long as you haven’t knocked the target off the model, you can still get three-stars. It doesn’t matter if you have missed or dealt damage to the structure, as long as you hit that target.

If you want to try out Wrecking Ball for yourself, you can grab a copy from the App Store.