Sandwich! Is a game all about building the biggest and best sandwiches ever. The sandwiches you create here are big enough to rival even some of the most audacious Scooby-Doo sandwiches.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Gather up all your ingredients. To build a sandwich, you will need to get your ingredients to be in between two slices of bread. This means rounding up your salad and toppings before you add them to the bread.
  • Leave no ingredient behind! If any ingredient is sticking out or far away from the bread, then this should be your start point. Leaving it as your endpoint will ensure you never build a good sandwich.
  • Don’t touch the bread. The key to Sandwich! Is to only move your ingredients. If you move your bread, then you will only make the end goal even harder.
  • Think ahead. If you grab the lettuce and cheese, will you still be able to get the tomato involved? I know this is a question many of us ask ourselves every day, but in this game, it has never been more relevant.
  • Relax. Sandwich building is one of the most Zen activities on earth, just ask anyone who works at Subway. So don’t take playing this game too seriously. It’s meant to be casual, and I don’t think many players will struggle to get their fill.
  • Don’t skip to unlock ingredients. Unlocking ingredients is part of the game, if you watch adverts to skip ahead, you will have nothing to play for later on. Pace yourself, and aim to unlock ingredients the honest way and you’ll always have something to aim for.
  • Set yourself goals. It’s a shame Sandwich! Doesn’t have any rules, as that would liven up gameplay. One rule I play by is never double stack the same ingredient and keep the tomato away from the bread. No one wants soggy bread, even if it’s a virtual sandwich.

If you want to play Sandwich! You can grab a copy from the App Store for free.