Yokai Dungeon is the latest mobile title from Neutronized, the same developer who brought us Super Cat Tales. This time, we are in the middle of the Japanese Lantern Festival when the evil spirits break lose. Can you stop the Yokai from ruining the festival?

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Time your attacks. If you want to kill an enemy, you will need to time exactly when you push a block towards them. If you are patient and skilful, you will be able to squish multiple Yokai with the same block.
  • Use bonus blocks. In some levels, bomb blocks will spawn and will destroy any Yokai in the surrounding area. Other blocks include an hourglass which temporarily freezes all enemies in the room.
  • Note what block your pushing. There are two main types of blocks, ones that can be destroyed like a skull or flower, and ones that can’t be destroyed. When pushing a block, note its size and shape, anything big and square can’t be moved when pushed into a corner.
  • Movement is everything. If you are poorly positioned, then it will be hard to squish any moving Yokai. Observe where the enemy moves, then place blocks accordingly. You can lure bosses into areas where you can immediately push a block into their path.
  • Grab that money. Once you defeat a boss, you will only have three seconds to zip around and grab as much cash as you can. This is the best opportunity to make some money as four coins can spawn on several tiles.
  • Think ahead. If pushing this block will impede others, then come back to it. Sometimes you smash through flowers to get the right angle on the enemy. Practice and patience will make your life easier and try to get two or more Yokai with one block.
  • Think outside the box. You don’t have to stay in the inner section of a level. You can walk around the perimeter to get a new angle on an enemy. Remember to watch out for the orbiting flames!
  • Try to find a shop. At the beginning of your life, look for the shop. It will be easier to clear rooms in the first few levels, so use your time wisely. You can only carry one item at a time, so if you find a good one if your first attempt, you won’t need to bother looking for another shop.