Rogue Legacy is a roguelike game developed by Cellar Door Games way back in 2013. The aim of the game is simple, clear out the boss in each area of the castle, and then take on the head honcho who murdered your great-great-grandfather.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Look for chests. Rogue Legacy is a game where you get stronger and stronger after every death. If you look for chests, you will be able to either find a pile of money, a new blueprint or a Rune. Either of these items is way more rewarding than killing enemies and picking up a single gold coin, so look for chests
  • Spend your money! Once you die, you will have a pile of gold waiting to be spent. When you try to enter the castle again, you will lose most if not all of your gold, so try to spend as much as you can.
  • Choose your heir wisely! There is no rush when you are in the menu picking a new character, so take your time. This choice matters as there are many traits that can ruin your next go, or make it one to remember. Traits like Vertigo, Left-handed and Near-Sighted are all ones to avoid.
  • Upgrade all the time. If you are overwhelmed by the perk tree and are not sure what to upgrade, then follow these tips. Look for any skills that need a one-off purchase, skills that can be bought multiple times have a smaller effect.
  • Upgrade part 2. When you are unsure what to put your money into, go for the obvious. Upgrading damage and health is useful for every single character you play. If you like to play as a mage, then upgrade your Mana capacity or spell strength.
  • Upgrade part 3. The aim of upgrading is to expand your manor house to be as big as possible. If you see an arrow icon in the top corner of an upgrade, this means it will extend your castle.
  • Stay in the castle. There are four zones the easiest is the main castle where you start every time you enter. The second easiest is always to the right and is called Forest Abkhazia, a great place for more money. The second hardest place is located always upwards and is called the Maya. The hardest place with the most financial rewards is located downwards and is hell. Not just because it is red and scary but because it can be hard as hell for new characters.
  • Don’t kill everything. This may not sound like a tip at first, but you can navigate the castle killing no enemies. If you are fast and skilful, you can run through rooms grabbing chests rather than wasting health on minions. If an enemy is awkward to kill, then skip it!

I could write pages and pages of tips and hints for a game like Rogue Legacy. If you are unsure what to do, remember that there is a boss to kill inside each zone. So other than killing bosses, you should always be getting stronger, getting new upgrades and new equipment.