The latest BitLife update (Version 1.21) added a bunch of features for us iOS users to enjoy. One of these new features involves a minigame where we search in the attic for a family heirloom.

These heirlooms can either be worth a crazy amount of money, worth a few thousand bucks or worth pretty much nothing. It’s down to pure luck what you find and this guide will tell you everything you can do with it.

What Can I do with my Heirloom?

If you find an heirloom while you are still a child, then you will have an option to play with it. A word of warning, if you play with your heirloom, there is a small chance you will break it, making it valueless.

If you are an adult, then you should be able to see your heirloom in your assets tab. The same place you can see all your cars and houses and any other assets you have. If you can see your heirloom here, then you can sell it for cash, if you can find a buyer!

How Many Heirlooms are in the Game?

It is still too early to say exactly how many heirlooms are out there. Some are standard like a basketball, whereas others are a little more out there like a Holy Grail.

To save you some time looking around, we have created a shortlist of every heirloom we have found so far and how much each heirloom is worth.

Heirloom List

  • 1995 Sony Movie Camera – $22
  • Chopsticks – $8
  • Holy Grail – $1.139Bil
  • Canoe – $1.1k
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Microphone – $6k
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Ball – $1k
  • Lucky Dice – $1, it may increase your Lottery luck
  • Ark of the Covenant – $125Mil
  • Piano Keyboard – $125
  • Megaphone – $8
  • Rolex Watch – $27.5k
  • 1960s Route 66 Gas Pump – $2.8k
  • 2-Carat Diamond Ring – $15k
  • Crystal Ball – $1,208
  • Revolutionary War Drum – $2.8k
  • Basketball – $8
  • CD of Michael Jackson’s Thriller – $1
  • Scissors – $8
  • Graduation Cap – $3
  • Roadmap of USA – $2
  • Seashell – $1
  • Toaster – $10
  • Umbrella – $9
  • Top Hat – $35
  • T-Rex Dung Fossil – $4k
  • Galileo’s Telescope – $3.5mil
  • Medieval Dagger – $125k
  • Greek Amphora – $500k
  • 1988 Family Reunion VHS Tape – $1
  • Edison’s Lightbulb – $200k
  • Kanye West’s Burning Man Mic – $3.8k
  • Saxophone – $2.7Mil
  • Prayer Beads – $1
  • Spelling Bee Trophy – $1
  • Floppy Disk of Oregon Trail – rare
  • Baseball – very rare
  • Acrylic Paint Set
  • Personal Diary
  • Toolbox
  • Prayer Beads
  • Teddy Bear
  • 2008 Coachella Ticket Stub (Blue)
  • A Rock
  • Wind Chime
  • RuPaul’s Wig
  • Fine China Set
  • 1987 Fax Machine
  • Nazar Amulet
  • Leather Briefcase
  • Compass
  • DVD of Inception

One last feature to point out is that some heirlooms may have additional bonuses for your character. For example, if you find the Lucky Dice, then you should play the lottery. Users on Reddit have reported a higher chance of winning the lottery while they had these dice.

It’s still too early to report what other bonuses or heirlooms are out there, but once we know then you guys will know.