BitLife Version 1.21 has arrived, introducing a wealth of new content to our favourite mobile text-based life simulator. The highlight of this update is an expansion of all things prison-related. You can now join a gang, interact with other prisoners, bribe guards, have conjugal visits, receive care packages, and many more new slammer-based activities.

Aside from the prison revamp, there are a few adjustments to the base game. You can collect a unique family heirloom once per day, face job interview questions when you apply for a job now, and the cost-of-living has been adjusted across various different countries – including your salary. That might change up where you plan on living going forward.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the utter wealth of new experiences in the latest update. We’ll walk you through the prison additions and changes before taking a quick glance at how to earn family heirlooms, take a look at job interview questions, and maybe look at the cost-of-living changes.

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BitLife Version 1.21 – Prison Life Adjustments:

Let’s start the guide at the natural place: by looking at the adjustments to prison life. Here are a few of the additions:

  • Prison gangs: You can now join a prison gang, presumably to receive protection on the inside.
  • Interact with prisoners: So you can remain a socialite behind bars!
  • Bribing the guards: We’re not sure what you can bribe them with, but there we go.
  • Conjugal visits: So you can keep your relationship active!
  • Crying: Hey! Prison life is hard.
  • Care packages: Show yourself some TLC.
  • Infirmary: You still get sick in the slammer.
  • Letters home: Another way to keep your relationships alive.
  • Working out in the yard: Got to keep busy!
  • Parole boards: Maybe you’ll get out earlier on good behaviour?
  • Surly wardens: Why have they got to be so mean?
  • Prison jobs: At least it will keep you busy.
  • Prison riot mini-game: We’ll go into details about that below.
  • New prison escape puzzles: That should keep long-term prisoners on their toes.

How the Prison Riot Mini-Game Works:

Prison riots are a brand new mini-game that appears to play exactly like the classic mobile game Snake. You have to run riot around a small arena, collecting prisoners to grow your chain of prisoners. You have to achieve a certain number of prisoners without touching the wall or running into a guard to win. We’re not entirely sure what the reward is, aside from having an awful lot of fun.

What Else is New?

Now let’s take a look at the other new features in this latest BitLife update:

  • Family heirlooms: Family heirlooms are a brand new collectible that you’ll receive once per day. The heirlooms vary in rarity, and have a value attached to them. If you’re lucky, one might just make you filthy stinking rich.
  • Job interview questions: You’ll now face questions when you apply for that dream job. Try not to say something silly – unless you want to.
  • Cost-of-living considerations: Countries will now vary in how much things cost, and how much pay you receive from doing a job.
  • Textual content: More words! We like words.
  • New scenarios: New things could happen at any moment, in any time.
  • Bugs squished: You should encounter less problems and grammatical issues going forward.