You know when you go on holiday and have to frantically pack your bag last minute? Ever wished someone would turn that into a mobile game? No? Well, it’s happened anyway. Pack Master! challenges you to pack a wide variety of items into a suitcase, making sure they all fit. There’s no time pressure though, so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

In this guide, we’re going to help you become a genuine packing master with a bunch of tips and tricks we picked up while playing. We’ll start with a basic introduction to how the game works and move onto a few more specific tips and tricks on how to play the game like a total pro. We just can’t help you pack for your holiday. Sorry about that.

Pack Master! Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Pack Master! does exactly what it says on the tin. You have to pack a series of random objects into luggage of all shapes and sizes. The difficulty stems from the fact that no item can overlap, so you have to find space to fit all of them in.

As you progress, various different challenges will crop up. Perhaps an item will already be packed and you’ll have to try and create space around it, or you’ll have to chuck an item in the trash to create space. Often, you’ll pack a bag and you’ll randomly get yet another item to pack. This is the sort of fun you can expect with Pack Master!

After you fill a certain number of bags, you’ll travel to a different country, which doesn’t really change anything. At least it gives you a sense of progression though, so you can show off to your friends how far you’ve made it.

Pack Master! Tips and Tricks:

  • Pack items in the corners: If you pack items from the corners first, you should have enough space in the middle to pack items towards the end. Even if you create too much space, that’s a good problem to have.
  • Move similar shaped items close together: If you have two square-shaped objects, pack them close together as that will create a ton of space elsewhere. It’s the odd-shaped items that are difficult to fit in, so it’s best to fit them in around the weird stuff.
  • Throw an item away if you just can’t fit it anywhere: You can throw away items that don’t fit into the trash if it proves difficult to fit it in. We’re not sure how many times you can do this per level though – presumably just the one.
  • Reset the level if you get really stuck: If you’re really struggling, you can reset the level with the tap of the recycle-looking button at the top of the screen. You’ll have to watch an ad though, unless you’ve paid to remove them.
  • Expect the unexpected: As you progress, some crazy stuff will start to happen. You’ll have random items that you forgot to pack, and will have to slot them in at the end. Expect this crazy stuff to happen whenever you hit continue, as Pack Master! likes to keep you on your toes.