If you’re a fan of Asian MMOs, you’re no doubt well aware of Perfect World. This gorgeous, epic online RPG has been around since way back in 2005, where it launched in its native China. A western version followed in 2008. 

And now, at last, there’s a dedicated mobile version. Perfect World Mobile sees the legendary title optimised for smartphones, so you can experience everything the game has to offer in souped up form in the comfort of anywhere you like.

In case you missed out first time around, here’s a quick primer. Perfect World sees you picking a race – Human, Winged Elf, and Untamed – and venturing out into a huge fantasy continent to kill stuff and grow your powers. 

That means enhancing your skills through the spirit-based skill system, balancing your classes on the battlefield, triumphing in massive multiplayer battles, and much more. 

Pure perfection

Perfect World Mobile isn’t just a straight port of the original. As you’d expect, it’s been polished and pumped up for its new smartphone home. 

For a start, the graphics are movie-quality, with realistic light and shadow effects and a dynamic weather system, making you feel as though you’re right there with your on-screen counterparts, smashing the hell out of imaginary goons. 

You’ll fight in the air, on land, and in the seas, on a massive 60,000km square continent. And navigating this continent couldn’t be easier, thanks to the original’s flight system, which lets you get around using a fully integrated 3D panoramic map.

A revised version of the innovative mentoring system has made a return, too, alongside the excellent guild and party systems, which inject a huge dose of multiplayer intrigue into proceedings. 

Perfect World Mobile promptly shot to the top of the charts in China, reaching 2.6 million downloads within 12 hours of launching. 

You can pre-register on the game’s official site or Google Play page. Early adopters will be showered with tiered rewards, so it’s worth doing.

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