Idle Tap Strongman is an odd new game that challenges you to help a dummy drag a variety of heavy objects to a finish line. You’ll generate cash for doing so, which you can spend on a variety of upgrades, including heavier objects, a faster crawling speed, and more fans to encourage you.

In this guide, we’re going to familiarise you with this new tap ’em up. We’ll walk you through the basics of being a strongman, then provide some nifty tips and tricks to help you become even stronger. Pretty soon you’ll be competing with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

Idle Tap Strongman Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Idle Tap Strongman does exactly what it says on the tin. You have to tap to encourage a strong dummy to drag an incredibly heavy object down a race track. As you progress, baying fans will chuck money at you as thanks for entertaining them with your strength.

You can spend that money on a variety of upgrades, including new heavy objects, faster running speed, and more fans. No matter the upgrade, each of them ultimately lead to you earning more money – that’s the ultimate goal of Idle Tap Strongman.

As you progress, you’ll steadily fill up an XP bar that provides you with a massive cash injection each time you level up. You can boost the amount of cash you earn further by watching an ad. In fact, you can watch ads pretty much constantly to receive a variety of boosters. These include temporary speed boosts, which you can chain indefinitely, and level up boosters.

One thing we appreciated about Idle Tap Strongman is in how little it requires you to tap. Typically, idle games require you to exhaust yourself hammering your finger on the screen to progress. Here, if you want to earn the maximum rewards you only need to tap once every second or so. We found it pretty easy to maintain top speed while typing, for example.

It’s also pleasingly minimalist. With only three straightforward upgrades and minimal input from you, it’s the perfect mobile game to have on in the background while you’re working or watching TV.

Idle Tap Strongman Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at some more specific tips and tricks that should help you progress through Idle Tap Strongman much faster.

  • Keep your speed booster active: Provided you’re connected to the internet, you can maintain a constant speed boost by watching an ad. You can watch multiple ads to keep the booster topped up too, and we’d strongly recommend this. The speed boost is pretty sizeable, and will keep that money rolling in. It also limits the need to tap, as even the jogging speed is pretty fast with the booster active.
  • Get the level up booster whenever it pops up: Keep an eye on the top right of the screen, as a level up booster will pop up occasionally that gives you two free levels just for watching an ad. We’d recommend watching this whenever possible, as it’s a lot faster than levelling up the ordinary way. The booster only appears for a few seconds at a time too, so remain vigilant.
  • Always watch an ad to triple the amount of cash you earn from levelling up: Whenever you level up – even if you use the level booster – we recommend that you watch an ad to triple the extra income you get for levelling up. It’s a reliable method of getting a huge chunk of cash quickly.
  • Upgrade the cheapest thing first: As you progress through the game, upgrades will start to slow due to how expensive they are. We recommend always purchasing the cheapest upgrade whenever it becomes available, as that way you’ll keep boosting your income versus waiting for the expensive upgrade to become available.
  • When you’re out of boosters, tap every couple of seconds to keep your speed up: You’ll find plenty of intervals between ads when you can’t really do anything. You’re no closer to earning that next upgrade and there are no boosters. In these instances, we’d recommend tapping the screen every few seconds to keep your strongman moving as quickly as possible, maximising your earnings while you wait.