Color Fill 3D is one of those mobile games you reach for after a hard day’s work, when your brain is full and you just want to distract it with something mindless. The goal is simple: you have to swipe to move a block around a grid, painting it in your colour. To achieve that, you simply have to glide over a piece of the grid to paint it.

You don’t have to individually paint each piece of the grid though. Instead, you can outline a shape to instantly fill the middle of it with your colour. That’s the secret to completing the level quickly. However, there is added challenge in the form of other blocks of paint that will chuck you to the game over screen if you come into contact with them.

In this guide, we’re going to help you become a Color Fill 3D master by teaching you the basics. You won’t be a master painter by the end, but you’ll be pretty darn close.

Color Fill 3D Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

As the name suggests, the goal in Color Fill 3D is to fill a series of grids with your colour. You play as a coloured square and can swipe in any direction to move it across the grid. Any piece of the grid you come into contact with will automatically change into your colour.

If you outline a shape, all of the pieces of the grid will become your colour. That’s the fastest way to complete a level in Color Fill 3D. However, it’s not always possible, as there are a number of different obstacles that can get in your way.

Typically, these come in the form of other coloured squares. If you come into contact with these at any point, you’re toast and have to start the series of levels all over again. You can fight back against these obstacles though. If you create a section of your colour, and they come into contact with that, it’s game over for them instead.

So in levels where you have obstacles to tackle, we recommend taking them out first before even thinking about colouring in the full grid. Just create sections of your colour within their path whenever they move out of the way, and they’ll get destroyed in the return journey. If you can surround them in your colour, do so – this is much faster but often the least safe option.

Color Fill 3D Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at some more specific tips and tricks:

  • You can change direction at any moment: Whenever you swipe, you’ll move in that direction. This works even if you’re already moving in a certain direction, allowing you to correct mistakes on the fly. This is also incredibly useful when you’re trying to avoid other coloured shapes.
  • If you outline a shape, it will automatically fill in your colour: This is the fastest way to complete most of the levels in Color Fill 3D. If you follow the outside of the arena all of the way around to the point at which you began, the arena will automatically fill in your colour.
  • Surround other coloured shapes to destroy them: If you come across other coloured shapes, be careful. Coming into contact with them at any point will end up in a game over screen. If you can surround them, do so as this will destroy them.
  • If that’s not possible, create a wall for them to smash into: If you can’t surround them, create a wall instead and let the coloured shapes smash into it. That’ll take them out of the equation, leaving you to safely colour in the level.
  • Spend gems on new colours: Occasionally you’ll come across gems as you play. If you touch them, you’ll collect them, allowing you to spend them on new colours. That’ll keep the game fresh the longer you play it.