Season 8 of PUBG Mobile has arrived, along with a nifty update that introduces a couple of new features to the smash hit battle royale. A new season means a new Royale Pass, and this is no different. You can now work your way up the tiers to get yourself some fancy new rewards.

In this guide, we’re going to detail everything that’s new in season 8 and its Royale Pass so you can make the most of it. We’ll also detail any changes that have been made to the game, including the new features that have been added as part of the update.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 – New Features:

PP-19 Weapon

The PP-19 is a brand new submachine gun that has an enormous ammo capacity of 53. It uses 9mm ammunition, drops in Erangel and Vikendi, and will absolutely tear up anyone unfortunate enough to get locked into a close quarters battle with you. Each shot deals 35 damage and the PP-19 fires at roughly the same speed as the UMP.

In terms of attachments, you can equip it with any of the scopes and muzzles that submachine guns can already use. It can’t use any magazine upgrades though, which makes sense given how enormous the thing is already.

Third Person Team Deathmatch

You can now finally play Team Deathmatch in third person mode. Yay for peaking around corners!

High Frame Rate Option

If you own a powerful mobile device, you can now enable a high frame rate option that does what it says on the tin. It will drain your battery faster though – you’ve been warned.

Rating Protection Cards

Sick of losing your rating because of a few unfortunate losses? Well, that’s now a thing of the past – provided you purchase and use a rating protection card. These apply to Crown and all tiers below it.

Season 8 – Royale Pass:

Season 8 brings with it a brand new Royale Pass, which introduces a bunch of new content themed around the best thing about the summer: going to the beach.

There’s a new outfit, which looks very much like you imagine an assassin from Assasins Creed would like if they went for a dip in the ocean. We’re not sure what you need a hood for when you’re underwater, but there you go.

You can also expect the usual background change alongside a nifty new feature: you can now request the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus from your friends.

Finally, to celebrate the first anniversary of the Royale Pass, season two and three items are returning to PUBG temporarily. You can get these as rare rewards from crates.

Royale Pass Changes and Updates

Tencent has used the introduction of a new season to improve the Royale Pass in numerous different ways:

  • Tidier Season interface.
  • You can now earn the outfit at Gold tier, with the Diamond tier now rewarding exclusive weapon cosmetics.
  • Players now receive rewards automatically at the end of a season.
  • Kills now have a bigger impact on tier progression.