BitLife is the gift that keeps on giving, as developer Candywriter showers us with a bunch of new content on a regular basis. The most recent update launched yesterday, and features a ton of fresh stuff to dig your teeth into, including military deployments, birth control, dark mode, power user, time machine, and a bunch of other stuff.

In this guide, we’re going to dig into everything that’s new to try and make some sense of it for you. We’ll detail each feature, so you know exactly what it involves, and try and provide tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

If it’s something else you’re looking for, make sure to check out our Complete Guide to BitLife, where we’ve rounded up all of the guides we’ve run on this text-based life simulating sensation.

BitLife Version 1.20 Guide:

Military Deployments

Military deployments in BitLife function the same way that they do in real life. If you serve as a member of the military, you’ll get deployed in various different locations throughout your career. Now, the very same thing will happen in BitLife.

You could get deployed in any location in BitLife – including the sea. That should keep your BitLife a little more interesting than the norm.

Birth Control

Don’t want to have a baby yet? Well, that’s now an option as birth control has arrived in BitLife! You can now use the various different options at your disposal to prevent an accidental baby – and perhaps a few nasty sexual diseases too.

Pregnancy Logic Overhaul

Given how the male human body works, it was a bit strange that fathers could only have a single baby per year in BitLife. Well, that’s all in the past now, as fathers can now have multiple children per year. Go get breeding!

Long Distance Relationships

In the real world, you can date someone in any part of the world that features an internet connection. Now, that feature has arrived in BitLife. No longer are you limited to random chance encounters with whoever happens to be nearby, and can take to the internet to find true love.


Feeling generous? Well, you can now share gifts with your family in BitLife. That should help you maintain that difficult relationship – you know the one we’re talking about.

Family Vacations and Emigrations

Here’s an interesting new feature: when you’re a child, your parents might start taking you on vacation, allowing you to explore the world from a much younger age than ever before.

Not only that, but they might emigrate altogether. This might not work in your favour though, if you’re happy with the country you were born in. Still, it should lead to some exciting new encounters.

Dark Mode

No, Dark Mode won’t turn you into a Sith – don’t get your hopes up. What it does is flip the colour scheme of the game, turning all whites into black and reds into blues. That’ll help save your eyes during those late night playing sessions.

To enable Dark Mode, simply tap the three lines on the top left of the screen, scroll down to settings, and tick the box next to Dark Mode to turn it on.

Power User

Power User won’t allow you to use the force, no. What is it with all of the Star Wars questions? What it does is reduce the power that BitLife consumes when open to help you conserve your battery. This is useful when you’re running low on juice or know you won’t be able to access a charger for a while. Now nothing will stop you from playing BitLife!

To enable it, tap the three lines on the top left of the screen, select ‘Settings’, and tick the box next to ‘Power User’.

Time Machine

We’ve got a whole guide to how Time Machine works in BitLife, so follow the link to that if you’re curious. For those that just want the quick gist, it’s a feature that, effectively, lets you fix a mistake by rewinding time to before you did it.

It’s not free though: Time Machine is an IAP that you’ll have to purchase each time you want to use it. This is to protect players from themselves. Rolling back every mistake you make hardly makes life interesting now, does it?

Family Get Togethers

BitLife now lets you bring all of your family together at once, so you can fill those relationship metres up in one fell swoop. This could get awkward.

Miscellaneous Changes and Features

Below, we’ll round up all of the remaining features that aren’t quite as big or interesting enough to get their own sections. Sorry, miscellaneous changes and features!

• Customize your favorite activities
• Much more textual content
• More new scenarios
• Many glitches addressed and bugs squashed