Battle Disc is an addictive new action game that challenges you to throw a disc Captain America-style at your enemy’s blocks to destroy them. The problem is, if they catch the disc, they can chuck it straight back at you, so it’s a battle of wits to see who can destroy the opposition’s blocks first.

In this guide, we’re going to bring you up to speed with Battle Disc and advise you how best to tackle its many levels. You won’t turn into Captain America, but you’ll get pretty darn close.

Battle Disc Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

First things first, here’s how Battle Disc works: You play as a little stickman in a small arena that’s split into two halves. By tapping and holding on the screen, you can slide your stickman around your half of the arena. At the beginning of a round, you’ll start with the disc. Tap the screen and your stickman will fire it forwards, or you can tap and hold then move your stickman around to fire the disc in the direction of a handy arrow that pops up.

At the other side of the arena is your opponent, who is a different colour from you and has exactly the same moveset as you do. You’ll notice that each half of the arena has a series of blocks on it. You can destroy blocks of the opposite colour by chucking the disc at them. That’s the objective of the game.

When you throw a disc, your opposition can intercept it and then retaliate with their own throw. To intercept, all you have to do is tap and hold on the screen then move your stickman into the path of the disc to catch it. At this point, you can simply retaliate with your own throw.

Destroy all of your opponent’s blocks and you win, at which point you’ll move onto the next level. The game is made up of a series of battles that take place over three levels, at the end of which you’ll receive gold as a reward. You can spend gold on cosmetics.

Battle Disc Tips and Tricks:

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, we’re going to run you through a series of tips and tricks below that should help you master the experience:

  • You can’t destroy your own blocks: Don’t panic when your disc ricochets off the back wall and fires towards your blocks – it can’t harm them. Only discs of the opposite colour can destroy your blocks, and only your opponent can fire them.
  • Use the hammer to temporarily eliminate your opponent: Occasionally, you’ll get a hammer that you can throw instead of a disc. This is a very handy power-up, as you can use it to temporarily eliminate your opponent. Just chuck it right at your opponent and watch it work.
  • Bounce your disc off the wall to hit difficult to reach blocks: Can’t get your disc past your opponent or that obstacle? Fear not! You can throw the disc at the wall instead, where it will bounce off and around any obstacles in your way.
  • Watch out for random obstacles: As you progress through the game you’ll face various different obstacles, including a wall that lifts up and drops down intermittently. Whenever you see something new, keep an eye on it for a bit to make sure it doesn’t do anything untoward.
  • Hit bombs to blow up a bunch of blocks: If you chuck your disc at a bomb and it hits it, the bomb will block up, destroying any nearby blocks. Definitely use this whenever a bomb is in your opponent’s side, but be careful if you get a bomb in yours. Even if you hit the bomb, it will still explode – and it will destroy your blocks.