Evil Lands isn’t quite an MMORPG, despite what it says on the tin. Yes, you play online with others as you battle across an open world environment, but you’re confined to small servers across three different islands.

If anything, the small scale of Evil Lands does it a favour on mobile, where gamers just want to dip in, get some loot, and dip out again. Evil Lands sets you up for that perfectly, because there isn’t really much else to do.

Here’s how it works: you create a character out of the usual warrior, assassin, and mage then get plonked into a small open world environment. You’ll then take on a series of quests to earn XP to level up, occasionally filling in the gap between quests with some good old fashioned grinding.

Evil Lands Shows a Lot of Promise, But it Simply Doesn’t Have Enough Content

That’s right – there’s a real shortage of quests in Evil Lands, and you’ll often find yourself with no alternative than to kill a bunch of monsters to level up. In fact, in the first of the three islands, there were only 10 quests in total to complete, and it only takes a couple of minutes tops to complete each quest.

Complete one and you’ll earn gems, the premium currency. You can spend this on chests, which shower you with loot. It’ll take you ages to save up for one though, and we’re not entirely sure it’s even possible to get the most expensive chest with just gems you’ve earned completing quests.

Fortunately, loot also drops from monsters. We haven’t dug into drop rates and all that jazz, so can’t comment on how possible it is to get the best stuff without paying, but we comfortably bashed our way through all of the challenges with stuff that dropped from monsters.

However, not paying will likely become a serious issue if you plan on playing a lot of PvP. Players with plenty of cash to spare will likely spend their time here, mowing through poor hapless free players who can’t afford to get the mightiest axe.

PvP Could Have Padded it Out, But Pay to Win Will Likely Reign Supreme

If you don’t play PvP though, we can’t see you sticking with Evil Lands very long. That’s not because it’s a bad game – what we’ve played of it so far has left a decent first impression. It’s just that there’s not really much of anything to do.

Once you’ve completed each of the three islands, all you can do is grind – but for what? You’ll never be able to grind enough to compete with paid players in PvP and there’s no challenging end game PvE content to tackle with your hard-earned gear.

For Evil Lands to have any sort of longevity, the developers need to put our more PvE content at a pretty rapid pace, because what’s there right now simply isn’t enough. PvP players will have plenty to keep them busy, but pay to win will reign supreme in that format, putting off those of us that don’t want to drop the cash.