Tencent Games is holding an invitation-only tournament for its recently released auto-battler Chess Rush. The Chess Rush Global Star Challenge will take place at the end of July.

More on the tournament later. First, a recap. Chess Rush is the latest game in a genre that burst onto the scene earlier this year: auto chess. This innovative new genre combines elements of chess and MOBAs to mesmerising effect, and developers are scrambling to join the march.

Tencent have published several leading eSport games in recent years, including Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile. Auto Chess is looking to be the next eSport success for the video game giant.

Tencent’s take on auto chess sees you playing on an 8×8 board, with over 50 different pieces – or heroes – to choose from, and seven opponents to see off at a time. 

The challenge is to deploy your heroes strategically, placing them in formation, combining identical heroes to capitalise on affinity bonuses, equipping items, and so on.  Matches take up to 40 minutes to play out, though Chess Rush has a killer twist in the form of Turbo Mode, which confines matches to 10+, making each one a burst of frantic action.

It’s also possible to team up with friends for co-op matches against other co-op teams from around the world.

Get ready to rumble

The Chess Rush Global Star Challenge will feature eight different influencers from eight corners of the globe, all representing different languages. They are: Brazil, North America, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Germany, and Japan.

The tournament will consist of multiple rounds, with the first pitching teams against one another in the longer Classic mode and the second putting them head to head in the shorter, snappier Turbo Mode. 

Each player will automatically be assigned a species at the outset, and if that species appears on the board they have to go with it, which should inject some random fun into proceedings. 

The whole event will be live streamed on the game’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, and three lucky viewers will walk away with three mobile handsets, with one batch given away for each of the three rounds – just check the game’s official channels (linked to below) to be in with a chance to win.

The players, meanwhile, are in line for some stonking great rewards. First place gets $10,000, plus the chance of a long term partnership, while second place gets $5,000 and the same partnership opportunity. Third place gets $1,000, and all competitors get in-game rewards. 

It should be a fun watch. Follow Chess Rush on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details on the date and time of the event.