There’s a real shortage of Diablo-like loot-fests on mobile and we didn’t truly realise that until Ubisoft launched Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. It’s a genre that seems so well suited for mobile, where click-based control schemes translate perfectly to taps and swipes.

Not only that, but it’s a genre that rewards short bursts of play, which is exactly how most people play mobile games. In theory, battling through a quick dungeon and getting showered with loot during a coffee break seems so well suited to our teensy platform.

And that’s exactly what Mighty Quest For Epic Loot aims to provide. You’ll battle through a single player campaign to get yourself some epic loot, then test out your character in real-time PvP against other players across the globe.

The control scheme makes all of this surprisingly simple. You slide your thumb around the screen like an analogue stick to move your character around, attack and hold to attack, and swipe to dodge. You can also tap on some handy skill icons to use your skills.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is Gorgeous, With a Great Control Scheme

It all works like an absolute charm, allowing you to take on a few dungeons even while standing in a crowded train. Just make sure you’re online, as there’s no offline play whatsoever.

Visually, we’re also huge fans of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. The cartoon aesthetics, skill animations, and huge variety of environments include a level of polish that we just don’t see very often on mobile, where the quick cash ins are the typical order of business.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is free to play, and the usual rules apply here. There’s an energy system that caps how long you can play without spending a buck, and a myriad of IAPs that shower you with more loot or daily Gems and Energy.

So far, spending has been entirely optional for us. We’ve just opted to grind for what we need instead of purchase it outright. However, we’re not sure how far this is going to take us and we’re already quite alarmed at how expensive the IAPs are.

But the IAPs are Very Expensive, and Are Likely Essential Purchases for PvPers

There’s a VIP membership option that’s over $10 and provides you various benefits that will likely reduce the need to pay in the long-term, but that’s pretty expensive for a monthly pass on mobile.

Now, we’re pretty confident that you can battle through all of the PvE content without spending a dime – provided you’re willing to grind – but PvP players will likely need to splash a considerable amount of cash to stay competitive. That raises alarm bells.

Ultimately, Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s longevity for you depends on how much time or cash you’re willing to drop into it, and how seriously you take PvP. If you just want a game that will provide you with a steady stream of loot per day for minimal effort, this is solid.

However, if you’re serious about competing in PvP, you’re going to need to spend an extortionate amount of money to stay competitive. That might prove an issue.