Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is Ubisoft’s answer to Diablo on mobile. It provides a variety of micro dungeons to battle your way through in search of loot, which you can then equip on your hero or use to improve your existing gear.

There is an absolute ton of loot to collect here, and each of it provides bonuses that will change up how your hero plays in a multitude of different ways. There’s even a bunch of different ways to collect it, from beating campaign levels to completing limited events.

In this guide, we’re going to help you get the best loot with a few handy tips and tricks we’ve picked up in our short time playing. It won’t turn you into the king of loot, but it will get you started on the path to becoming pretty darn regal.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Beginner’s Guide – The Basics:

What is Mighty Quest For Epic Loot?

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot does what it says on the tin, providing you with a bunch of different means to gather some awesome loot. You’ll battle through dungeons and trials in a single player campaign, complete quests and events, and participate in PvP when you feel sufficiently epic.

Adventure, Trials, and Arena

There are three main modes of play in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: Adventure, Trials, and Arena. Each provides a different gameplay experience but all three will reward you with the eponymous epic loot.

Adventure is your basic single player campaign, which rewards you with loot for tackling micro dungeons. Each dungeon provides you with up to three stars for meeting certain criteria, and rewards you with more stuff for maximising your stars.

Trials is a series of daily dungeons that reward you with various different resources you’ll need to make your character stronger, including Promote Stones, Gold, Gems, Keys, and Runes.

Arena is where you’ll get your PvP on. Here you’ll battle other Mighty Questers to see who’s get the best loot.

The Controls

Once you’ve picked the mode you want to play, you’ll get chucked into a series of battles against the AI or real players. Either way, the controls remain the same. To move, simply place your thumb on the screen then move it around. Your character will follow the direction of your thumb, just as if you were using an analogue stick on a real controller.

To attack, tap and hold your thumb on the screen. Your character will automatically target and attack the nearest enemy, moving towards them if they’re not quite in attacking distance. You can use skills by tapping their icon with your thumb, and swipe in any direction to dodge roll.


The Shop is where you go to pay to win. You can purchase gems to open chests, and get a chance at some of the best loot in the game, or to grab some handy limited use items, like Auto-Win Ticket Packs, Promote Stones, Keys, and Fusion Orbs. You can also directly purchase Gold with Gems.

You can also spend your cash directly on a series of packs, including the Apprentice Pack, which provides handy loot to get you kickstarted, and two 7-Day booster packs. These provide you with daily Gems and Energy.


The Hero tab is where you equip your favourite loot, skills, and talents. Tap on a piece of gear and you can check its statistics. You can also tap and hold on a piece of gear to get a better look at it, and to check out its Secondary Stats. These are handy perks that can really change up how you play Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.

Skills are the active abilities you can use while battling through Mighty Quest, and you can equip three of them at once. You’ll want to try and create a synergy between your skills and your equipment, which is where checking your Secondary Stats comes in handy.

Talents are passive abilities that generally add effects to your Skills. You can equip up to three of these, and have multiple Talents that affect a single skill. Certain Talents don’t have anything to do with Skills though, and increase your damage with certain weapon types.

Quests, Achievements, and Events

The Quests tab is where you’ll go to get absolutely showered with rewards just for playing the game. Here, you’ll find Events, Daily Missions, Achievements, and Daily Rewards.

Events are a series of limited-time missions that reward you for engaging with specific aspects of the game. Right now you’ve got the Inauguration Event, for example, which rewards you with defeating Keepers, Zero to Hero!, which provides rewards for completing various different actions, and Royal Shadows, which provides some truly epic loot for completing a specific quest line.

Daily Missions reward you for completing a series of mini-achievements. Typically, you can complete this with a mere hour of play per day. Daily Rewards grants you a reward for simply logging in, while Achievements are long-term goals that generally involve digging deep into every single aspect of the game.

The Forge

The Forge is where you go to make your existing gear more powerful. You can Upgrade gear by using Fuse Stones or unwanted loot to level it up, Promote max level gear to a higher tier using Promote Stones, and place Runes on gear to provide various different effects.

The Combine system is a little more complicated, allowing you to Combine two pieces of powerful gear to create a piece that’s a lot more powerful. We haven’t invested a lot of time into this system yet though, so can’t comment on how useful it is.

How to Maximise Your Loot:

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is all about the loot, so it makes sense to focus on getting the most rewards during each play time. That’s where this series of tips comes in. We’ll provide you with a few bullet points to get the most out of your play time in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.

  • Spend all of your Stamina daily: The more you play, the more loot you get. If you’re serious about maximising your potential, we recommend spending every bit of Stamina you earn every single day.
  • Perform your daily Trials: You should also perform your daily Trials run every single day. These dungeons provide you with rewards that are difficult to come by elsewhere, like Promote Stones. Without these you can’t make your favourite gear even more powerful.
  • Complete all Daily Missions: Daily Missions provide you with small rewards for small tasks. You can typically complete all of them within a short play session. Every little helps.
  • Complete Events: Events are limited time quests that provide some seriously solid rewards. Given that they’re limited time, we recommend focusing on these above all else.
  • Get your Free chest every four hours: Visit the Shop every four hours and you can get yourself a free piece of loot. It’s usually not very good, but it will at least provide fodder for upgrades so you might as well get it. Set up notifications to let you know as soon as it’s available.
  • Use your Keys to open Rare Chests: As you play and complete achievements and the like, you’ll get your hands on Keys. You can use five of these to open Rare Chests, and we recommend you do so whenever possible. Rare Chests can actually provide decent gear, so it’s well worth opening them as often as possible.
  • Chase Achievements: Achievements provide long-term goals that you can chase down in exchange for some epic rewards. When you’ve done everything else on this list, take a quick glance at the list of Achievements and chase down a few for some extra rewards.

Combat Tips and Tricks:

You won’t get very far if you can’t fight well though, so we’ve put together the following tips and tricks to help you out in a bind:

  • Bunch your enemies up for easy AoE kills: Whenever possible, pull all nearby enemies and get them to bunch up, allowing you to kill them all quickly in a series of attacks. You can lead melee enemies to ranged enemies to help bunch them up, and use skills like Black Hole to drag everything near you. Then, simply bash them all into oblivion and use AoE skills to deal extra damage.
  • Collect health potions to top up your health: Bunched enemies will deal a lot of damage to you, so you should try and pick up any health potions that drop to top up your health and keep you in fighting shape.
  • Dodge roll whenever you see a red shape on the ground: You can swipe in any direction to dodge roll, which is an essential technique to avoid powerful enemy skills. You’ll know one’s coming whenever you see a red indicator on the ground. There is no stopping in a red zone.
  • Equip Skills and Talents that suit your play style: Lastly, once you’ve got a feel for how you like to fight, go into your Skills and Talents list and select stuff that compliments your play style. Weapon Mastery Talents will increase your damage with certain weapons, and Skills are useful either at range or up close. Pick the ones that suit where you like to be in relation to the enemy.