Picker 3D is an addictive new action game that challenges you to collect a bunch of balls and other objects in a horseshoe. Kudos for creativity, we guess! As you progress, your horseshoe will get bigger and you’ll collect a bunch of power-ups, but the challenge ramps up along with it. You’ll have to collect moving balls or follow an elaborate pattern to collect them.

To progress through each level, you have to collect enough balls to pass three different checkpoints. Early on, the checkpoints are quite forgiving but soon enough you’ll get punished for missing a mere few balls. Don’t panic though, as we’re here to help. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll provide you with a bunch of tips and tricks to help familiarise yourself with the experience.

Picker 3D:

  • How Picker 3D works: You swipe to move a horseshoe left and right across the screen, with the objective to collect as many balls as possible before you reach a checkpoint. Collect enough, and you’ll pass to the next section of the level. Collect too few balls and you’ll fail.
  • The power-ups can hinder as much as help: Each time you pass a checkpoint, you’ll collect a power-up that’s supposed to help, but often they can hinder as much as help – especially if you’re not careful. Take the spinner, which can help gobble up your balls. Often, it’ll just push as many away as it grabs if you’re not careful.
  • Get to a new set of balls early: This, and the tip below, should help you avoid many of the issues involved with collecting balls. If you get to a set of balls late, chances are you’ll just push them away. We recommend getting there as early as possible, allowing you time to collect all of the balls before you push them away.
  • Collect balls from dead centre: The second tip is to line up the horseshoe so it’s dead centre on the balls. That way, you’re less likely to push any away, ensuring you pass the next checkpoint unscathed.
  • You can push balls into the checkpoints: If you don’t manage to get the balls in your horseshoe, don’t panic. You can actually push them in instead. Just shove them with the edges of the horseshoe to push them ahead.