Jelly Shift is a reflex-based puzzler that challenges you to guide a variety of jelly-like creatures through a bunch of challenging levels. Using just your thumb, you’ll squish and stretch the jelly into a bunch of different shapes to guide it under, and through, obstacles in your path.

Avoiding obstacles earns you a nifty speed boost, which is pretty handy as you are involved in a race. Chain together these speed boosts and you’ll trigger fever mode, which lets you go at top speed and break more obstacles at once when you avoid them. There’s also the usual gems to collect, which you can exchange for new cosmetic faces.

In this beginners guide, we’re going to help you get familiar with this all-new puzzling experience with a few handy tips and tricks. It won’t make you a master over night, but it will get you prepared for the challenges ahead.

Jelly Shift Tips and Tricks:

  • How Jelly Shift works: Jelly Shift is a simple yet deep experience. You simply tap and hold on the screen then slide up and down to shrink or stretch the jelly. Using these simple mechanics, you’ll avoid a variety of obstacles, cross bridges, and collect a variety of pick ups along the way. Technically, you’re in a race with an AI opponent. To win, you’ll need to get as close to a perfect run as possible, which basically involves not making mistakes. Each time you successfully avoid an obstacle you’ll get a nifty speed boost and your fever metre will fill. When full, you’ll go much faster, allowing you to win the race.
  • Use the guide to help you avoid stuff: During the beginning of the level, you’ll see a guide appear whenever you’re about to pass underneath an obstacle. Use this to help you get a feel of how big or small you need to be to get through unscathed.
  • Chain together avoiding obstacles to fill your Fever metre: Each time you successfully avoid an obstacle, you’ll get a handy speed boost and it will help fill up your fever metre. Don’t make any mistakes and you’ll chain together these speed boosts and, eventually, fill your fever metre. This gives you a max speed for a limited time.
  • Stretch to collect more items and cross bridges: Whenever you see items to the right and left of you, or a bridge ahead, swipe down to collect everything and slide effortlessly over the bridge.
  • Spend your gems on cosmetics: There isn’t’ anything to spend your germs on besides cosmetics, so just go ahead and grab a new one each time you earn 1,000 gems. The animal faces do make things feel a little fresh during your 100th level.
  • Don’t skip ads: Whenever you complete a level, you’ll either automatically play an advertisement or you’ll get a chance to open a chest in exchange for watching one. If you wait just three seconds or so, a “no thanks” option will pop up, allowing you to skip the advert. We don’t recommend doing this though, as you’ll have to watch an advert anywhere, even if it is a bit shorter. You might as well get that free gift.