Heroic is a brand new Clash Royale-style card battler that plays out in real time. You’ll place a variety of hero and troop units on one of three different lanes as you strive to destroy your enemy’s portal before they return the favour on yours.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a bunch of tips and tricks to get you acquainted with this fresh new experience. It won’t get you competing at the highest level, but it will help you get there a little faster.

Heroic Tips and Tricks:

  • How Heroic works: If you’ve played the likes of Clash Royale before, you’ll have a solid understanding of how Heroic works. There is a key difference though, and that’s the fact it plays out on three different lanes. You have to play hero and troop units on one of the three lanes and assist them as they try to make it from your side of the lane to the enemy’s. Once there, they’ll attack the portal until they’re either destroyed or your opponent’s portal falls. Troops and heroes cost mana to deploy, which regularly refreshes. Managing this is key to the experience – as much so as creating your deck out of your favourite heroes.
  • Gain a mana advantage: The key thing to learn in Heroic, as quickly as possible, is how to gain a mana advantage. The basic idea with this is to counter an enemy’s unit with a weaker option of yours. That should leave you with more mana than your opponent has. Do this a few times and you should have considerably more mana than your opponent does, allowing you to attack without retaliation.
  • Focus on countering: When you’re learning the ropes, we recommend playing a counter-attacking game. Simply wait until your opponent plays a card then counter it with a cheaper card of your own. This keeps you in control of the battle, and allows you to safely learn what each card is capable of.
  • Lure your opponent to defend a lane, then unleash an attack in another: A tactic we’ve found very handy in all games like this is to lure an opponent to commit to defending or attacking a specific lane, then unleashing a powerful unit down another lane when they’re short on mana. The charger is an excellent unit for this, as it can get down the enemy’s lane really quickly and can take quite the beating.
  • Level up your favourite cards: When you open chests, you’ll unlock currency that you can use to level up your cards. We recommend prioritising leveling up cards that you use versus cards that you don’t use very often. That just makes sense.