IGG held Lords Fest in LA this weekend, the latest in a series of global meet ups designed to get the Lords Mobile community talking to each other in real life, rather than just on their phones. It was an absolute blast too, with the Elevate Lounge packed to the brim with Lords Mobile fans sharing their love for the game with each other.

When they weren’t slurping up or munching on free food and drinks, the loving community were grabbing a bunch of freebies, including figures, gift cards, and even smartphones. Razer, who partnered with IGG for Lords Fest, was on hand to give away a few Razer Phone 2s to the select few lucky winners.

IGG itself was also present to share their passion for the game with the community. Those folks seemed pretty grateful too, and grasped the opportunity by asking all of their unanswered questions about inspirations, future development, and the continued success of the game.

If you haven’t heard of it, Lords Mobile is a hugely popular city building MMO that features heaps of strategy. You’ll build your own city, manage every aspect of it, then join a guild with your fellow players and battle other guilds across the globe. If you’re successful, you can even claim the throne itself and rule the world as Emperor.

There’s a wide variety of hero units to recruit and upgrade, and you can send them into the arena to duke it out in small-scale combat. There’s also a massive single player campaign you can dig into if you don’t fancy playing with others.

You can grab Lords Mobile right now on Google Play, the App Store, Steam, and Amazon for free. Once you’re invested, keep an eye out for any future Lords Fest events happening – hopefully – in a city near you.