EaseUS Todo PC Trans is the ideal application for those of you that want to transfer files easily between an old PC and a new one. It’s not picky about which files you transfer either, or onto what type of device. It supports USBs, DVDs, or external hard drives.

In the safest manner possible, EaseUS TODO PC Trans transfers your documents, files, folders, photos, music, programs, applications, and more from one PC to the next with absolute ease and security.

It also supports all versions of Windows, from the classic XP through to Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you’re using from one PC to the next. You can transfer from XP to WIndows 10 and you’ll be absolutely fine with EaseUS TODO PC Trans.

The best part is, anyone can use it, as it doesn’t require much input from the user to get the process rolling. You’ll simply need to download the application, hook a LAN cable between the two PCs you want to transfer between, and kickstart the application on both PCs.

You may need to turn off your antivirus and firewalls though, which is usually a straightforward process. That, and owning a LAN cable, are the two requirements EaseUS TODO PC Trans has.

While EaseUS TODO PC Trans does offer a free version, this does have a limitation as you can only transfer up to two apps, programs, or files before you’ll have to pay. So if you’re planning a full on transfer between two different PCs, you will have to purchase the premium version.

Fortunately for you, we’ve partnered up with EaseUS to provide a 50% discount for the premium version of the application. Simply follow this link to purchase it at 50% off or input the following code: SEOH-CAPUZ. Further software information can be found here.