Tamatchi is a brand new toddler that was introduced to My Tamagotchi Forever recently that you can evolve from any of the four baby types. Tamatchi made its first appearance way back on the original Tamagotchi, and looks a lot like Kirby: they’re both, effectively, little pink balls. This toddler is a cheerful, talkative, and well-behaved toddler that you’ll enjoy having around.

In this guide, we’re going to help you unlock this new toddler by providing a bunch of tips and tricks on how to evolve any baby into it. If you’re looking for any other evolutions, you can check out our Complete Guide to Evolutions in My Tamagotchi Forever.

My Tamagotchi Forever – How to Get Tamatchi:

Take a quick glance at the current range of toddlers in My Tamagotchi Forever, and it’s pretty obvious which type of snack you have to feed a baby to get Tamatchi. Fruit, veggies, seafood, sweets, meat and nothing are all accounted for, which leaves snacks unaccounted for. Well, unless you count Hoshitchi, which you can feed a baby a range of food items to unlock.

Feed any baby exclusively snacks and you’ll get yourself a lovely new Tamatchi to add to your collection. It’s pretty simple stuff, but that’s the nature of My Tamagotchi Forever! Most of the evolutions come in the form of feeding babies a certain food type – unless they’re not all that fussed, like Hoshitchi.