GTarcade has just released a massive new update for Rangers of Oblivion that challenges you to rebuild the imposing Silver Keep along with your fellow players.

You’ll rebuild the city from the ground up, placing farms, quarries, smiths, workshops, and more with the help of your fellow players.

Rangers of Oblivion Now Features Base Building as Well as Monster Bashing

In return, you’ll receive resources and weapons as rewards, as well as have a new location to manufacture parts you need to craft better gear for yourself.

You can also invite any NPC you’re friendly with to join you at Silver Keep, at which point they’ll become a city Lord and can help you with construction.

Why all this building work? Well, to keep the behemoths out. Rangers of Oblivion will always be about defeating monsters first and foremost, and this is just another part of that.

You can grab Rangers of Oblivion and the Silver Keep update right now from the App Store or Google Play, and we’ve included links to both stores at the top of the page.