The anime for Attack On Titan is a labyrinth 28 volumes, so developing a mobile tie-in for it can’t have been an easy task.

However this effort from GameSamba arguably tries too hard to be different and complex, and ends up being a bit of a mess.

A turn based 3D RPG, Attack On Titan: Assault has you taking control of a team to take on a variety of foes.

Battles are made more interesting by the addition of mini quick time events, where you can deal more damage to enemies by tapping on the screen as you attack.

There’s also gacha mechanics in place to unlock new squad members, ways to upgrade your team collected materials, and more menus than you can shake a very large stick at.

The latter is one of the first problems you’ll encounter in the game, and leads to many larger ones. There is simply too much going on in Attack on Titan: Assault, and so much of it is undercooked.

The heaps of options in the menus are barely explained and only serve to confuse – or worse beg you to stump up real cash for more characters and the like.

Now in-app purchases aren’t necessarily a huge issue, but here they’re a necessity fairly early on if you’re to progress. But to add insult to injury the game has some seriously cheap presentation.

The 3D is consistently ugly and the character animation is shoddy and occasionally non-existent. It just all makes the game a deeply unpleasant title that you don’t ever feel any desire to invest your time in.

Add in server issues (especially for Android users) and you’ve got an experience that’s not worth checking out – even if you’re a Attack on Titan die hard.

You can download Attack on Titan: Assault via the App Store and Google Play.