Attack on Titan is a seriously complex Japanese manga series, so it stands to reason that this latest mobile tie-in wouldn’t be a simple endless runner or match-3 puzzler.

If you’re playing Attack on Titan: Assault for the first time it’s more than a bit overwhelming. So let us help you out – here are a few basic tips to follow to make your entrance into what can become a rather dizzying experience.

Say no to auto You may be tempted to use the auto-battle option, but trust us – don’t. This is largely as Bad, Good, Great, and Perfect hits will be randomly assigned. You’re much better off making those decisive taps yourself.

Prepare yourself Attack on Titan: Assault is a turn based team battler, so it stands to reason that you need to make sure your crew are properly prepared. So make sure you regularly check that all of your party is upgraded as much as possible – you may have materials knocking around you had no idea about, and these will subsequently give you the extra edge you need in battles.

You’re so special Each character has a special attack – so make sure you watch the special meter for them all. You’ll see it flash when it’s full up, with that the signal to unleash it via an upwards swipe. Often battles can be decided by a well timed special attack, so make sure you keep an eye on when they can be used.

Attack or defence As mentioned above a well timed special attack can be crucial – but also pay attention to what kind of special attack you’ll be using. There are offensive moves that will help if you’re bossing a battle and want to deal a decisive blow, but support moves can help if you find your team flagging.

Focus on rarer units When upgrading your team it’s best to focus on the rarer and higher ranked members. Lower ranked ones can easily be replaced after all.

You can check out Attack on Titan: Assault for yourself via the App Store and Google Play.