NetEase have released a teaser for its upcoming squad-based shooter Disorder, focusing on the game’s Cadaver Unit faction. The video chronicles the birth of Prometheus, a core member of the faction.

Disorder is set in a dystopian future where war is the permanent state of affairs. Various armed factions are locked in an eternal struggle over the world’s remaining nuclear weapons and cash reserves.

The previous trailer introduced us to the Pale Knights, the self-proclaimed defenders of justice in this harsh new world. We saw them fighting to preserve order while Ghost Puppet, who embraces disorder, drifted between factions like a fickle cat.

The name “Cadaver Unit” got a brief mention in that trailer, and now we know a bit more about this faction’s shadowy past.

Watch the Cadaver Unit teaser trailer below.

For a start, we get some clues as to why the Pale Knights referred to the Cadaver Unit as “disgraceful traitors” in the previous video. It seems that Fire-Bringer, a high-ranking Cadaver Unit officer, was a member of the Pale Knights before his “rebirth”.

It’s not clear why Fire-Bringer is imprisoned at the Garden of Earthly Delights, but we do know that he’s joined on that godforsaken island by an enemy – a fellow prisoner who seems to have experienced profound physical changes.

Along with this guy and the entire Pale Knights faction, Fire-Bringer’s enemies also include the mutants. But did it have to be this way? Was Fire-Bringer’s always destined to become a “collected corpse”?

Relax. Collected corpse is simply the title bestowed on members of the Cadaver Unit.

Is there a Plaguedoctor in the house?

We also learn in this latest teaser that Fire-Bringer’s has entered into a secretive agreement with Plaguedoctor, the Cadaver Unit’s powerful head of surgery. The identity of yet another character, evidently an officer, is still to be revealed.

While every member of Ghost Puppet has their own unique backstory, Plaguedoctor – a surgeon who can “resurrect the dead” – seems to be the most complex and mysterious character we’ve encountered so far.

Led by these two formidable women, what role will Cadaver Unit play in the wars to come?

Teasers will continue to appear on the official Disorder website, pushing the story along as they explore the backgrounds of the various characters and expose the rivalries that exist between them.

Check out the website now to pre-register and keep tabs on the latest Disorder updates. Disorder will launch a closed beta test on the 27th June, in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.