Villagers and Heroes’s highly anticipated A Tale of Earth and Sea expansion finally has a release date: 15 July. Developer Mad Otter Games announced the release date in the latest livestream.

A Tale of Earth and Sea is massive, even by an MMORPG expansion’s standards. It includes a whole new class, an overhaul on character design, a bunch of new character customisation options, a new game introduction, new class emblems, a wardrobe and appearance system, a level cap raise, high level content, a new dungeon, and more.

Just give us a moment to catch our breaths.

A Tale of Earth and Sea Completely Overhauls the New Player Experience

The new class is the Shaman, a spellcaster that can switch between offence and support on the fly. It’s perfect for those that like to be the jack of all trades in MMORPGs. Earth Shamans focus on dealing raw damage while Water Shamans can heal and support their teammates. In terms of equipment, the Shaman wields axes, shields, and totems.

Character models have seen a complete overhaul, which is welcome as the previous models drew plenty of criticism. This comes with a bunch of new skin and eye colours, faces, and more. You can now have glowing eyes and blue skin, if you so wish.

To ease you into the experience, the whole beginning has seen a total revamp. This includes a brand new introductory zone, a revamp of the previous introductory area, Summer’s Hollow, and improvements to Dagmar Strand. These should serve to help new players ease into the experience a bit better.

Meanwhile, high level players will be pleased to hear that the level cap is getting raised to 95, and there are a whopping nine new zones to explore. These new zones will also scale to your level, starting from level 90. That way you can choose the order that you play them in.

But There’s Plenty for High Level Players, Including a Level Cap Raise, New Zones, and Dungeon

There’s also a brand new dungeon, the Red Cloister, which rewards you with gear, and the Zorian Bountylands, which gives level 95 players a zone to battle powerful bosses in for extra loot.

Rounding up the expansion is new Class Emblems for each class and subclass, three new talents and ultimates for every single class, a full on Wardrobe system that lets you completely customise your character’s visual appearance, new mobile chat, and a bunch of new mounts and cosmetics.

Overall, it’s proving to be an incredibly exciting time for Villagers & Heroes players both old and new. The Tales of Earth and Sea expansion launches on July 15 across iOS, Android, and PC, and you can grab the game on any of the three platforms by clicking on the links at the top of this page. You can also learn much more about the game and coming expansion on the official site.