Shop Titans flips the typical RPG tropes on its head and challenges you to build up a store that the real heroes shop in. With the help of your fellow shopkeepers, you’ll craft equipment, potions, and items, then place them in store and sell them to any heroes who happen to pass by.

You can also invest in your town to increase its productivity, send heroes on quests to earn rare ingredients and items, and decorate your shop to attract even more heroic customers.

There’s a heck of a lot going on in Shop Titans, and Gamezebo is here to help you get acquainted. We’ll give you a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get to grips with the early game. You’ll be a hero of a shopkeep yourself in no time.

Shop Titans Tips and Tricks:

  • Decorate your store to attract new customers: First things first, focus on attracting customers. Even if your store is full of wonderful items, if it doesn’t look nice no one is going to visit. Pop a few plants and decorations around inside and litter the outside with nice shrubbery. Even the cheap stuff will help to catch people’s eye and lure them in.
  • Repeatedly craft items to unlock new stuff to sell: Next up, stock your shelves. You’ll want to keep this fairly balanced, as you’ll have heroes of various different classes visiting. Always have a good variety of weapons, armour, and items on display to appeal to everyone. However, your real focus should be on researching entirely new – and more expensive – items to sell because that’s the way to earn the big bucks. To do so, simply repeatedly craft the same item until the metre beneath their icon fills. You’ll see how many you have to craft of each to fully research a new item so keep an eye on that.
  • Invest in the local town: While investing in your own store is key to growth, we’d also recommend investing in the local town. You can donate money to the various local craftsmen to improve their ability, crafting times, and more. We recommend dropping a bit of cash on these regularly, as they’re essential to improving your own store.
  • Send heroes to explore new areas and complete quests: You can hire heroes and send them out to explore the nearby wilderness and complete quests. It’s worth doing this as they’ll uncover rare ingredients that you can use to craft expensive equipment for a huge profit. We’d recommend having a hero on a quest or exploration at all times to keep a steady flow of rare ingredients coming in.
  • But don’t forget to equip them!: It’s dangerous to go alone, so make sure to give your heroes the best items from your shop. Don’t expect them to pay though – at least not in cash. The reward is a successful quest completed and rare items to help you craft expensive gear.