Rocket Sky! is basically a SpaceX simulator. Much like Elon Musk does in his everyday Iron Man-like life, you have to try and build the best rocket imaginable to explore the furthest reaches of space. Again, in an incredibly life-like turn of events, this requires a lot of cash and trial and error.

You earn cash by performing successful rocket tests. Oh, and by watching a bunch of advertisements – this is a free to play game after all. You then spend that money on a variety of different upgrades to see how far you can get.

In this guide, we’re going to help you get started on your rocket creating adventure. We’ll help you ensure your purchases are optimal so that you can get your rocket into space as soon as possible.

Rocket Sky! Tips and Tricks:

  • Always watch an ad to double your income: Whenever you perform a rocket test, you’ll earn some dollars depending on how high you managed to fly. You can can then watch an advertisement to double these earnings and we recommend doing this every single time. Ads are often much faster to watch than the next rocket test will take to perform.
  • Don’t let your engine get too hot: If you simply tap and hold the screen, you’ll burn your engine out before you even run out of fuel. Keep an eye on your engine’s heat and keep it beneath the black danger line and you’ll be fine.
  • Prioritise Speed and Fuel during the early game: You want to earn as much money as possible, so it makes sense to boost your Earnings early game. However, if you want to climb to new heights with each successive test, you’ll need more Speed and Fuel. So we recommend prioritising these upgrades over the others during the early game. You only get a 2% boost in earnings during each upgrade, and it’s quite expensive, so save it for later in the game.
  • Always try to beat your previous score for bonus dollars: Each time you beat your previous record, you’ll get bonus dollars, so it literally pays to try and outdo yourself each time. The amount of extra dollars is low but it all adds up over time.
  • Keep your speed up: This is actually the trickiest aspect of the game. You need to try and ensure that your engine remains cool while not dropping too much speed. We found that by frequently tapping and holding for a half second before releasing for the same period was the most reliable method, versus letting the heat vent for a long period. Get a feel for it yourself though, and find a reliable way to vent heat without slowing down. It really helps.