Full Metal Monsters is a brand new mobile shooter that plays like a lite Battlefield with more dinosaurs. You’ll duke it out on a variety of pretty arenas in different dinosaurs, capturing five different points and decimating your opponents.

There’s a wealth of different dinosaurs to play as, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Combine those with two different weapon slots that you can equip them with machine guns, rocket launchers, and more, and you’ll soon realise that there’s a lot of scope to build a walking machine of destruction in your own image.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get acquainted with Full Metal Monsters.

Full Metal Monsters Tips and Tricks:

  • Ignore the capture points: Full Metal Monsters plays like a Conquest game but you’ll have more success if you play it like a Team Deathmatch. This is down to how the respawn system works. You have to buy respawns with premium currency, and can only respawn as many times as you have unlocked dinosaurs. So if you can pick off your enemies from a safe distance, you’ll limit their ability to get back into the action. Kill them all, and you’ll win the game.
  • Use your ‘lock on’ ability: The lock on ability removes the need to manually aim and fire. We recommend using this whenever a dinosaur pops up in range to basically automatically bring them down.
  • Buy as many riders as you have dinosaurs: You can respawn as many times per battle as you have dinosaurs – but only if you have the same number of riders unlocked. This is a permanent upgrade. In other words, if you buy four riders, you’ll always be able to respawn four times in battle – provided you have that number of dinosaurs available.
  • Pay attention to weapon range: Weapon range is pretty much the most important statistic in Full Metal Monsters. So much so, that the game reminds you of your range at literally all points during the match, and it’s the key statistic on show when you purchase a new weapon. You’ll want to try and stick to the maximum range your weapon allows to force dinosaurs to come to you if they want to return damage. How close you like to get to them in the first place is largely up to you. You can usually deal big damage up close or less damage from the safety of distance.
  • Stick with your team: Your team will generally rush to the centre at once, determined to take down the enemy team as quickly as possible. We recommend sticking with them, as that’s key to winning. Not only will you be safer, the enemy will take more damage from the focused fire.