The Pixel Classic on first glance really doesn’t look worth your time. A budget priced handheld which promises an “incredible 300 8-bit style games” packed in.

We’ve been here before of course, with the market currently being flooded with these systems. The hundreds of games are almost all strange knock-offs of more successful titles, and at best are only playable due to being inexplicably eccentric.

Take Police Dog Lasy for instance – a name that will be familiar to anyone who has ever bought one of these multi-game systems – which has music that can only have been created by a rogue coding algorithm, and gameplay that effectively has you playing a flickery and confusing version of hide and seek.

With the Pixel Classic it’s not just hundreds of strange oddities though. No, there are 8 Data East titles included. You actually get some proper retro games with this system, which is certainly a huge saving grace.

They include Bad Dudes, Breakthru, Caveman Ninja, Heavy Barrel, Side Pocket, B Wings, Karate Champ, and Burger Time.

It’s no surprise that they are all almost effortlessly superior to the other 300 titles on the system, and have been ported across well.

As for the system itself, it looks cheap at first glance – but is actually well made considering its budget price-point.

The backlit screen is as crisp as you could expect, with the buttons a tad slippery yet responsive. There’s the option to even have the main action buttons light up, which is unnecessary but very cool.

Overall the Pixel Classic is a step above most handheld systems of this ilk, largely due to the inclusion of some genuine retro classics – but also because of its solid build quality and design.

You can find the Pixel Classic on the My Arcade site here.