Auto Chess: Origin can be described as a mix of Battle Royale, chess and monsters. Which, let’s be honest, sounds like a great idea right off the bat.

However, with all great ideas, there are always a few niggles or teething problems for a game that combines so many good ideas into one place. Now you know that Auto Chess: Origin is not perfect, let’s get into what it does so well.

What is Auto Chess and is it fun?

Auto chess is not a complicated term, meaning they automate the actual moves. This doesn’t take you out the fun like you may think it would, instead, it allows you to focus on the most important factors, your units.

The most boring part about chess is being locked into a game of wits against one other player for hours on end. This is a problem because, each move matters, not just your current move, but the next 10 or 20 in a row are all crucial. Auto Chess: Origin fixes this problem by delegating the combat to the computer, all you have to do is pick pretty faces.

I may have simplified gameplay, but that does not mean your choices will be easy. There are a crazy number of characters to choose from, most of which utilise different moves and supers to the rest. Plus, while choosing a unit, try not to forget their health bar, attack damage and bonus effect.

So it is chaos?

Not exactly. Chaos implies you have no control over what’s about to happen and you can’t make sense of it either. Auto Chess: Origin is controlled chaos, defined by you and your opponents. Yes, the actual battles on screen are a little mad, but those brief seconds of mayhem are followed by 20 seconds of planning, thinking ahead and buying new units.

What helps keep each game fresh, is the number of players included in a lobby. Like I said above, this may be auto chess, but we have Battle Royale elements. This means you face off against eight players and the game ends when only one player is left.

You don’t fight all eight players in one turn, instead, a series of mini matches take place and the losers of each mini-match take damage. Each player has 100 health, and you are out of the game if you lose your entire HP.

What’s the problem?

The biggest problem with Auto Chess: Origin is the length of a game. Often time is spent choosing units, watching fights and planning your next move. Match lengths can creep above the thirty-minute mark.

It’s not the type of game where you can look away for too long, miss a turn and you will lose. Over time, you can add more pieces to the board, and each round gives you an opportunity to buy new pieces or upgrade. So you have to give it your undivided attention.

Should I get it?

Ok, I’ll be honest with you. I really enjoyed my time playing and managing my team, but the games are too long. I can’t often afford to spend thirty minutes glued to my phone, there is just not enough time in the day.

Now I have warned you, I think if you give Auto Chess: Origin a go, you might get addicted. If you can find time to play an entire game, then you might as well have a new mobile game to play constantly, as long as you have internet connection.