BitLife is a wonderful life simulator where the developers care what you think. They care so much that they regularly look for suggestions from their community and add them to the game. The content added for this update includes part-time jobs and other ways to make cash as a minor.

This week also saw some much-needed additions to the Android version of BitLife, they finally have ribbons to collect. If you are an Android user and would like to know how to collect every ribbon, then this guide is for you!

Part-time or Freelance Jobs

A popular request from the active BitLife community involves more ways to make money. Many of us asked for the chance to work during our high school years, as it’s normal to get a weekend job to get some cash. Well, now your virtual self can make money on the side, allowing you to spend some cash when you make it to university.

What’s the difference between freelance and part-time?

With that being said, there is a clear difference between a part-time job and a freelance gig. A freelance gig is best described by the word ‘gig’, it’s a one-off. You wouldn’t get the same band doing the same show every weekend, it’s a one-off event to make some dough.

A part-time job is also best described by its title. It is a job where you work part of the time, so you are employed and will have a responsibility every week to work for several hours. There is no limit to the amount of freelance gigs you do, but you can’t take over two part-time jobs.

How do I get a part-time job?

The part-time jobs are listed under the school tab when you are still at university or younger. Some of these jobs have age restrictions like you can’t work as a nightclub doorman until you are at university.

The best-paying part-time jobs seem to be around the $11 mark, with a few exceptions. The best value for money jobs, also seems to be age limited to university students. Meaning you won’t be making enough money to buy a car anytime soon.

How do I get a freelance gig?

Getting a freelance gig is way easier than a part-time job, but you will need some luck. Some jobs are best suited to females and others are more tailored for males. That’s not to say women can’t be handymen, it’s just more likely that a customer would choose a man.

So bare this in mind when you are choosing a job and a wage. You want to look as appealing as possible to stand out from the crowd. Demanding jobs like dog walking and tutoring are always needed, so you can ask for the top price bracket. Other jobs, like handyman or caretaker can often be overlooked.

How to deal with stress?

A new mechanic has been introduced to BitLife and it’s called stress. Stress is a silent killer in modern day life, and we can say the same for BitLife. There is a bar to monitor how stressed your character is, it’s in your schedule.

A sign that your character is getting stressed is high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause heart attacks or strokes, which can seriously affect your BitLife. To reduce your stress, you need to reduce what’s on your schedule. Picking up too many part-time jobs will cause your stress to increase, quitting these jobs will fix that problem.