Most mobile gamers’ can appreciate a good old-fashioned match-three. Not just because they are addictive and challenging, but they are tremendous time killers for your daily commute.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Think before you move. Levels in Toy Story Drop are not time orientated, they are move based. Meaning you need to complete the levels in a certain number of moves or you will fail. Make every move count and take your time scanning around the board to look for a combo.
  • Make combos. A combination is when you match four or more tiles together and a power-up is spawned. This power-up can be a rocket, a jack in the box or even a disco ball. The effect of these power-ups is much more useful than just matching three of the same items.
  • Combine combos! In difficult levels, you want to create as many power-ups as you can, and then leave them alone. This way you can combine two power-ups together for a massive attack which can wipe the entire board. Even if you don’t get two power-ups in touching distance, setting one off can cause a chain reaction.
  • Avoid insanity. The definition of insanity is where an individual repeats the same task over and over hoping for a different result. This applies to match-threes in more ways than the obvious. If you can’t seem to complete a level, then approaching it in the same way, again and again, is not helpful. When you fail, come back with a different approach, you might get lucky with persistence but it gets frustrating.
  • Turn the sound off. If you are getting frustrated at the sound of Woody or the other Toy Story characters, then turn the sound off. This game looks like it’s for kids, but it’s way too hard for the young. Don’t let the childish elements throw you off, this is not an easy game.