There are a huge number of RPGs on the App Store and Google Play. Meaning a new one will need to do something different to get a regular playing audience. Does Eternity Legends Warriors do enough to stick out from the already heaving crowd?

Is it fun?

I normally answer a question like this with ease, a game is fun to play, or it isn’t. But Eternity Legends Warriors is stuck in the middle of fun and not fun. On the surface, you’ve got combat you control, friends to call in and several moves to pop off.

Yet, somehow when combat is at its most intense I feel lost. Not just lost because there is so much going on that I temporarily lose my character, but totally taken out of the game by crappy sound effects. It seems they have only recorded one sound clip of an enemy being hit, and once I noticed this no fight felt special.

Was it challenging?

The game starts off just like every other RPG that has recently hit our devices, with a lengthy hidden tutorial. By lengthy hidden tutorial, I mean a voice that constantly chips in giving you important information as you play. This isn’t really a gripe, just one of the many things this game has copied from others.

The lengthy tutorial just means you are facing off against the easiest opponents for a long while. Some people like killing easy enemies that pose no threat, I, however, find the lack of a genuine challenge boring and repetitive.

That’s not to say this game is all bad because it isn’t. It just brings nothing new to the table in terms of an experience for its users. I am sure most of us have played games like this before, where we have a basic squad, with basic gear and have to play hundreds of missions before that changes.

Am I too critical?

If you haven’t played an RPG like this before then I am sure you will find hours of fun at your fingertips. If you are like me and have already invested time into several similar games, like Fire Emblem Heroes or AFK Arena, then I don’t think there is much to see here.

I can admit that there is a lot going on inside of Eternity Legends Warriors. There are five different campaigns, three difficulties and I haven’t even mentioned the PvP elements yet.

But the little things have really put me off this game. I have played a lot of RPGs recently and most of them are high in quality. Eternity Legends Warriors seems to only have one noise for when the enemy takes damage. No matter the size of the enemy or even if it’s a boss, there is just one noise played repeatedly.

Should you play it?

If you are a fan of RPGs and are just looking for the next thing to sink a bunch of hours into, then look no further. I really see potential here, but it was disappointing that nothing new was brought to the table. There are campaign missions, PvP combat and tons of challenges, but I challenge you to find an RPG without the previously mentioned.