Eternity Legends Warriors is an action strategy RPG where you have control over a squad of Greek Myth legends. There is no shortage of things to do in this RPG, meaning you will need to be on top of your game if you want to be king of the Arena.

Eternity Legends Warriors – ELW

ELW is an RPG with six different campaigns to contest with. There is a hive section where you can chance opening up sections on a grid for a tasty reward. Or you can try out the skyscraper where rooms get harder and harder for better rewards. You can do all the aforementioned and compete in PvP combat in the Arena.

As well as the usual campaigning and other standard RPG things to do, there is gear to craft, upgrade and new squad members to summons and use. There is no end to the amount of time you can put into ELW, so let’s tell you how to be good at it.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Let the game equip for you. Once you get a new piece of equipment, like a spear or chest plate, you will be able to preview it. After this, you can see who the equipment benefits and let the game equip it for you. This will assign the gear in the most effective way possible, allowing you to carry on with your questing.
  • Do everything. I have mentioned the many activities you can do inside of Eternity Legends Warriors, so do them. Do as many as you can as often as you can, there is no downside to any of them. Some are more rewarding than others, so find the most difficult activities for the best loot.
  • Choose something to craft. The first thing you craft is free and shows how many materials you will need to craft something. I recommend choosing an item to aim for and then work towards it. It may take a while, but if worse comes to worst you unlock something else on the way.
  • Be careful in PvP. A problem with fighting other players in a game like this is you can pay to win. When you start the game, you won’t have many/any good characters. But if you buy some chests, then you will gain a serious advantage over everyone who doesn’t. So you have been warned.